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Jan 7, 2008 07:56 AM

Coffeeholic-New "Handrip roastery" opening on Eglinton W

So I walked this the other day-North side of eglinton W of Bathurst, finally something that's not a chain ( I'm assuming it's independent..)

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  1. I wonder what "handrip roastery" is supposed to mean. It sounds painful...

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    1. re: detritus

      That's funny, detritus. If you look at the pic posted by EPIcureanTO, it's actually "handdrip". Not quite as vivid, but more in line with coffee preparation. Sounds interesting.

      1. re: Yongeman

        yaar- I made a boo boo ( I was just reading about handrips you get in Gymnastics when I made this post- whoops)

        How to edit at so late a stage?

      2. re: detritus

        The trendy (or pricey) shop would have a selection of hand roasted beans, then you choose, they grind, and custom drip in a Clover. It won't be cheap...

        1. re: jayt90

          ^^I'm rather hoping it'll be akin to my new coffee addiction- Ezras Pound..

      3. the place is actually open now
        and i go pretty often

        its a mom & pop shop, but its great
        they really know their stuff and have great beans on site
        and some of the best prices in toronto (for beans, esp for Kopi Luwak)

        and to Yongeman,
        handdrip is a type of brewing coffee
        instead of a machine, the barista brews the coffee for each customer
        not too pricey either
        maybe a couple cents more

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        1. re: hotsy_totsy49

          thanks, ht. I'll give it a try when I'm in the area.

        2. Ok so I stopped by for a coffee, and it was excellent- very satisfying- *almost* up there with Ezras ..

          The assortment of beans available for roasting look enticing, too.

          ..still wishing to correct my subject topic typo,