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Best Steakhouse for Four 20 year old guys

My friends and I are looking for a good place to have a steak dinner after work to celebrate our new apartment. We all work in the city, and so far Kean's and Sparks have been recommended. We do not want to go to Brooklyn to go to Peter Lugers. What does everyone recommend, preferably stay near Midtown.

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  1. Since you want to stay near Midtown, Del Frisco's is very nice on 49th and 6th. Had a great ribeye, mac and cheese, and creamed spinach one day for lunch. There are tons of steakhouses in the area (Smith and Wollensky, Ruth's Chris, Gallagher's, Morton's, Palm, Blari Perrone, Michael Jordan's to name a few) but I haven't been to many. If you are willing to go outside of Midtown BLT Prime is great.

    1. My favorite is Wolfgang's. I love porterhouse and Wolfgang's does it justice. Del Frisco's is also good, but I always feel like I am in Vegas when I go there.

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        Gotta try Wolfgang's.... heard awesome things as well about them.

      2. Keen's is the best, BUT, it is really old school and 4 20 yr olds might think it's just too "old". If you want something a little more hip maybe you want to look into BLT Steak.

        1. are you 20 or in your 20s?

          id probably go with blt steak or quality meats.

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              I can't comment on Sparks personally but it seems like, based upon past comments here, it is love it or hate it.

              If you are looking for something between the old school of Keen's and the new school of BLT Steak maybe you can check Frankie and Johnnie's. I haven't been there in a little while but I always liked that place.

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                Downhill based on my last few visits there. Go to BLT Prime.

              2. Haven't been to Wolfgang's, but have heard good things about it. I am also in my 20's, and for overall experience (food, decor, ambiance, etc.) my favorite is Craftsteak. However, it is very pricey and you may want to do it on a special special occasion.

                How about Strip House? I think it will fit people of your age and the steak, in my experience at least, has always been great!

                1. I would go to Angelo and Maxie's - Park Ave in the 20s. Much younger/hipper crowd than some of the other places. The food is fantastic (and significantly cheaper also).

                  1. Steakhouses aren't age specific. The point is to go for a classic meal, and they tend to attract families amongst their crowds, so rest assured you won't be the youngest kids in the room no matter where you go.

                    That said, if you want something vaguely hip for your splurging night out, try Strip House. Avoid the filet mignon there, as they don't know how to cook a piece of meat that thick anymore, but the other cuts will be fine, and their sides are the best of any steak house. Second to that, would be MIchael Jordans (same owner) or BLT Prime. All are cool rooms, and a good mix of people on dates, power dinners, and family outings.

                    I'd avoid the old school Keen's (not sure what planet I'm on, but it's not the one where they serve good food), Ruth's Chris (a stodgy over priced chain), Morton's (same), or Smith and Wollensky (massive dining room serving precooked steaks to the masses). Angelo and Maxie's gets the single rose crowd. There's always a group of Jersey guys standing around out front who seem to be confused thinking they're outside Scores instead.

                    There are a lot of Lugers type options in the city itself now. Wolfgang's and Benjamins are two of the spin offs in Manhattan you might like.

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                      Want the truth?
                      None of them!
                      Look at all the different recommendations. Doesn't that tell you something?
                      Just pick one. They're all about the same IMO.
                      (running for cover)

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                        I agree. But I will tell you that I think PrimeHouse and Angelo and Maxies are nothing special.

                        I once got a fillet at A&M that was all fat and chewy and YUCK!

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                          Angelo and Maxie's should never be brought up when discussions top steakhouses. Its mediocre. Sure its cheaper than the others but is not worth the $10 per steak savings.

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                        sugatoof: I agree with everything you said and find your comments insightful and right on the money. I do like Keen's, but go there for the mutton chop or king cut prime rib, not the steak, and I like the relatively low key atmosphere. That being said, I'm considerably older than the op, so I'd recommend the downtown Wolfgang's. I've had consistently good porterhouse there and the setting is right for people of all ages.

                      3. Strip House is the best. Trust me.

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                          I think i am going to go with Strip House, is the pricing similiar to the other big name steak houses?

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                              striphouse is definitely the way to go. They have the food and the vibe i think you will like. If you can't get into there, go to BLT steak or Wolfgangs. But striphouse is choice 1- hands down.

                          1. I'm with the Striphouse bandwagon.

                            1. Your best bet is Robert's Steakhouse in the Penthouse Executive Club. Awesome steaks (particularly the kobe) and the added benefit of having strippers sit in your lap as you eat and be merry. I guarantee you and your friends will love it.

                              It's on 11th and 48th (2nd floor of the PEC). Don't forget to bring an appetite and dollar bills

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                                If I were 23, I think I'd feel most comfortable at Knickerbocker on University.

                                And then hit some of the bars in the 'hood where the crowds tend to be younger.


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                                  Strip House. and they do know how to cook an excellent filet. Angelo and Maxies is good, kinda bridge and tunnel, with good prices, but it does not belong in the same grouping as Strip House, Sparks, Lugers, S/W, Wolfgangs, etc.

                                  Another of my favorites not mentioned above is Ben Bensons.