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Jan 7, 2008 07:39 AM

Authentic Hong Kong food

I watched Anthony Bourdain's show where he went to Hong Kong and everything looked great. I know that it is probably near impossible to get authentic food like the handmade noodles and fire cooked goose or pig like in Hong Kong, but is there someplace close in NY? I am not at all a fan of Chinese food (mainly because I don't like rice), but everything looked really good.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

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  1. You can get handmade noodles from those fujianese places in the chinatown.
    Eastern noodles or super taste. I personally don't like the soup stock the noodles are served in, but I like the noodles.

    Is fire cooked pig the one with the crispy skin. You can find those at any cantonese noodle soup shop like big wong;s or noodle town.

    Chinese food is full of noodles if you don't like rice.

    You can always try hk style food too ie. baked macaroni and seafood in cream sauces(not my cup of tea) .

    try x.o. kitchen for that kind of stuff. They serve pasta instead of rice in some of their dishes.

    1. i just came back from hk last month and sad to say nothing comes close.

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        It looked absolutely amazing. The food and the scenery. As I said, I am normally not a fan of Chinese cooking, but everything looked mouth-watering. Maybe I need to plan a trip to Hong Kong. How long did you go for?

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          I went for 2 weeks to visit family but a week should be enough. You need to know where to go because there are alot of hidden restaurants in buildings. If you don't, it could end up being a very mediocre and expensive trip.

      2. I used to work with a guy who grew up an hour outside of Hong Kong and took me to Hong Kong Station on Bayard St. off Bowery. He said it was the closest thing in C-town that reminded him of home. It's pretty simple, it's a cafeteria style noodle bowl joint. You say what kind of noodles you want then you just pick your toppings and they throw them in. They have a ton of stuff to choose from, and some of it is very interesting, but don't be scared. I had flat noodles with curried fish balls, little dumplings, chinese vegetables, and chicken gizzards. They will make the soup spicy too, which I recommend. It was really good and a fun experience. Rarely, have I ever seen a white person in there. So maybe it's pretty authentic.

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          haha, thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out.