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Jan 7, 2008 07:34 AM

Best Lemon Potato Recipe?

Anyone have a good recipe for lemon potatoes? The only one I have is by Jeff Smith from YEARS ago. I had them ina local Greek restarant and did not realize just how good they can be.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I do at least one whole lemon's juice for potatoes in a 9x13 dish. Peel the potatoes and lay them so they're all in one layer. You also add some water, greek oregano, greek olive oil and salt. Be sure to turn them from time to time or they can stick. Try cooking with foil on top for most of the cook time.

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      I agree with everything rockandroller said, and would add that I have found that russet (baker) potatoes seem to work the best for me, and instead of water I use chicken broth for more flavour. Sometimes I will also add garlic. I bake at about 375 covered for about 20 minutes, then ucovered at about 400 until browned at the edges. Times are very approximate, as I've never had it turn out the same twice, I guess depending on the potatoes and the amount of liquid I add (I haven't measured). I think I built on the recipe I found on epicurious, Greek Potatoes with Lemon Vinaigrette.
      When done just right, they really do steal the show!

    2. I use the moosewood recipe. love these. also great with some feta tossed in after baking.

      1. I like baby reds , I poke holes in them, toss with olive oil, parsley 1/2 cup, lots of pepper and salt, and the juice from 3 lemons. Bake high heat about 400, uncovered for 45 minutes.
        so gosh darn good. I have not tried with fingelings, but they probably would be even better.