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Jan 7, 2008 07:29 AM

Where do you go for Menudo on Sunday in LA?

I am interested to hear LA chowhounds favorite 'menuderias.' Where do you go in greater la for your fix and what sets in apart from others? White, red or even green broth? Has anyone found a white broth version served with mint?

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  1. And BTW, why is menudo a Sunday thing please? (I'm told because it's good for that Saturday night hangover -- any truth to that?)

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    1. re: aliris

      most popular day for it regardless of hangover

      1. re: kare_raisu

        "Menudo todos los dias" has for me become as welcome a menu phrase as "Breakfast served anytime." I think, though, that for most places it involves too much variation from the normal kitchen routine for it to be a daily menu item - it's not something you can slap together in an hour or two and then just heat up to serve.

        1. re: Will Owen

          There are two good restaurants that have menudo 7 days a week. One is Ordonez on Garfield in Montebello just south of the 60 freeway. The second is La Salsa Grill (not a chain) in a strip mall next to King Taco on Rosemead just north of Washington in Pico Rivera. La Salsa also serves pozole 7 days a week. I highly recommend either restaurant for that menudo fix.

    2. Vallarta. Take your own pot, they'll fill it.

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      1. re: Diana

        Where is Vallarta? When I was very young, every sunday, my mom and I would go out and get our big soup pot filled with menudo and she'd drive home with me holding it between my feet.

        1. re: rednyellow

          There are Vallarta markets all over. Find one close to you here:

          1. re: Diana

            Thanks. I was trying to think of a restaurant named Vallarta. I do know of the markets.

      2. I am not a Menudo person, but I will give you the following 2 recs based on the number of people ordering and eating it:

        Tonny's in Pasadena (I LOVE their Posole)
        El Matador on Irwindale (I LOVE their Chilaquiles)

        1. I like Talpa on Pico in West LA for menudo. It's red and todos los dias. It's my go-to soup when I'm congested. Love, love, love it.

          Incidentally, Talpa also has my favorite refried beans (which normally I'm not that into because it's usually bland paste). Doubtless unhealthy, but so creamy and soft and flavorful. Not surprisingly, the bean and cheese burrito there is also a favorite.

          1. Aliris.... Saturday is a traditional blue collar work day in Mexico... so Sunday is both a celebration day with leisurely meals... and Saturday is a popular blue collar drinking night (since you don't have to work the next day)... in fact Chava Flores puts it succintly in his song "Sabado D.F."... something to the effect of : The Construction Workers get their paycheck at 2PM... by 3 begins the first drunken brawls!

            KR... there is a meat market / convenience store / taqueria in my old neighborhood called Carniceria Jalisco on Main Street between Lincoln Park and Griffin Avenue. The proprietor was a trained butcher in Guadalajara... and growing up he was my parents go to guy... always able to source quality protein in the traditional Mexican cuts... he was always at a premium to the local Mexican super markets (by about 25 to 50% but he had the goods). Anyway he does a very good job with Menudo... its a light but pungent red broth... and they make hand made plain sopes and carry a great queso fresco... and most of their Menudo business is takeout. You basically bring your own pot... they fill it up & charge by the Liter; sell you Sopes & Fresco by weight... most people will pick up a case of Modelo Especial... he imports bottles of Mexican Freixenet... otherwise an inexpensive Prosecco from the local San Antonio Winery... and you are good to go... that was our Menudo tradition (we would do it on celebratory weekends & holidays)...its such a killer combination. As a matter of fact... whenever we got relatives visiting we would tend to take them up to the Angeles Forest... we would bring the Menudo, acoutrements & Sparkling wine for brunch.... then marinated Skirt Steak, Frijoles de la Olla, Nopales Salad, Masa, Salsas, Beer & Tropical Fruits... we would start a mesquite fire... bust out a portable CD boombox, a soccer ball... then exchange some food with the Armenian & Mexican families that would predictably be in the adjacent picnic areas... and invite them to play soccer.... Kabobs for Carne Asada, Nopales for Cucumber Salads & Mangos for Baklava!

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            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              Yum, yum! Thanks for the vignettes!

              1. re: Eat_Nopal

                Is this one in the same as Jalisco Tortilleria owned by the Mota family?

                1. re: Neta

                  No, these people are the Rojas family.