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Half-priced appetizers for after-work drinks

I was planning on meeting some friends after work this week for drinks and cheap appetizers. I saw that Masa has $1 tapas, but the menu wasn't that appealing to me. Any recommendations for happy-hour specials or good priced apps? We're thinking beacon hill, south end or theater district area.

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  1. 28 Degrees has dollar oysters from 5 or 5:30 until 7pm. I believe they are closed on Mondays though.

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      the $1 oysters are not bad and the lobster sliders are awesome!

      but the decor is EXTREMELY LAME! there's some type of powerpoint of a fireplace projected on their curtains in the restaurant. makes no sense at all. super lame. and then they start playing (again on some type of cheap projection) live concerts, so odd. its like one of those bridge & tunnel places, trying to look trendy but everyone inside was bridge/tunnel-ish

    2. Flemming's, theater district, has $1.95 specials at the bar only from 3-6? They usually have a half dozen +/- choices.

      1. McCormick and Schmick has $1 oysters and a bunch of other happy hour small-plate specials. I think it is only offered on Tuesdays.

        1. Mortons has some kind of specially priced menu in their bar from 5 - 7ish during the week...

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            And one night per week the bar has free steak sandwiches (drrrooooolll )

            Or at least they did a few years back. I think it was on Thursdays?

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              It used to be every weekday for the evening but it does not happen anymore, it's been a year at least. They have an early and late happy hour w/ reduced price apps now.

          2. Red Sky in Faniuel Hall has half priced appetizers, some items are great, some not so much, depends on your liking. Bacco in the North End I heard is also doing some sort of half priced appetizers at the bar.

            1. Give Masa a try. For $1/each, you can try a large variety of things; if you don't like one, no big loss. But a lot of them are really good.

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                Actually after work (between 5 and 7) Masa's appetizers are 50 cents each :)

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                    i hear its not even worth the 50cents though. maybe we'll have to try for ourselves.

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                      I just had the $10 combo plate tonight at Masa and it was great. Not only are they worth 50 cents, but they're worth the full dollar.

              2. I tried McCormick & Schmick's on a recent Thu night for it's happy hour menu. I believe it's Mon-Thu until 6:30 (not sure when it begins) and again after 9 or 9:30. Good variety of pub grub apps from $1.95-$3.95, including sirloin burgers.

                Smith & Wollensky, across the street, also has a cheap bar menu, but haven't tried it personally. Seems like many of the steakhouses do something.

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                  The bar menu is supposed to come out in February, and on weekdays they do free chips and mini burgers at the bar, I believe

                2. I couldn't really recommend the food, but Grendel's Den in Harvard Sq has the whole menu half-priced during happy hour and at other times: http://www.grendelsden.com/
                  It's cozy enough for a beer near the fireplace.

                  1. two leads for cheap eats and cocktails after work....Lineage in Brookline does $1 oysters every day from 5 - 7 and they have a pretty decent cocktail list. Not super experimental or classic, but good enough. The second would be the "sand dollar" menu at Great Bay. $1 apps every day 5:30pm - 6 or 7pm and their cocktail list is different and creative..not super extensive either, but much more creative. Other than that, their liquor offerings over all are pretty impressive...just take a seat at the bar and check out the array of bottles on the back bar. I bet you'll see some interesting stuff and if you are lucky enough to have bar manager/house mixologist Jonathan Henson manning the bar, you will definately get something interesting.

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                      Keep in mind that Great Bay's happy hour does not happen on Sox home game days.

                    2. Updating this thread: Pho Republique will now offer 2$ dim sum M - R, 5:30 - 7:30pm. http://www.phorepublique.net/news/

                      1. Kingston Station serves 1/2 off appetizers between 5:00pm-7:00pm Monday-Wednesday

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                          are you sure they are still doing this? it's not on their menu.

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                            This thread is a year old... there are more up-to-date topics on similar topics -- search for recession busters if you're interested.

                        2. Jasper White's Summer Shack has a $3 bar menu for happy hour, at the one in Cambridge. Do they do it in Boston too?

                          1. The bar menu at McCormick;s at Park Plaza is in effect seven days a week, which surprised me. I usually visit the McCormick's at Quincy Market and their hours are shorter, from 3:30 to 6:30 and then from 8:30 to 9:30. I was at the Park Plaza place late Thursday, and although I didn' order from the Bar Menu, the low cost appetizers were in effect until midnight. Actually, I think they shut down at eleven thirty. The burger now costs a dollar more, but Ithink it's still the best bar menu in town.