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Jan 7, 2008 06:58 AM

Looking for a great outdoor venue/caterer for a summer party,Merrimack Valley area?

Anyone know of great outdoor venue for a big summer party - preferably with a pavillion or tents in case of bad weather. Either in house caterer or to hire outside the venue. I'm looking for Southern NH or Merrimack Valley area. Summertime - late July!!

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  1. We went to a nice tented affair at the Wentworth Country Club in New Castle last summer. Less expensive would be the Amherst Country Club--they have a charming open-air pavilion behind the club house, and you can use your own caterer.

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      thank you whs, I'll check into both. I'm also checking out Alpine ??? too. I think it's in Hollis. Hubby wants his 50th to be everyone his path has crossed. eeek, not me - quiet and let's forget about it. the toughest will be finding all these folks - making the venue the easiest part of the surprise plan.

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        Alpine Grove in Hollis could handle your affair easily, though I don't think they have an outside area. We actually did a 50th party at the VFW Hall in Milford NH a few years back--we had a terrific caterer, and our friends from NYC loved the funky atmosphere--a refreshing change from parties at the Plaza!

    2. Gibbet Hill in Groton does weddings and such. What a good excuse to stop by and enjoy a meal while you check out the space!

      1. Cobblestones in Lowell caters "Grillin' on the River" on the lawn behind the Tsongas arena. I think that they can handle up to 1000 guests and can provide tents too.

        1. I went to a function this past summer at Zorvino Winery in Sandown, NH and thought they did an excellent job. I'm not sure if you have to use them for the catering, but they did a good job with the food too.

          1. Wow, thanks everyone - I have some phone calls to make and start checking these places out.