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Jan 7, 2008 06:50 AM

Recommendations for NY Trip?

My boyfriend and I go to NY on MLK weekend and try to hit a lot of great restaurants. We ended up going for a trip in December and hit all our old favorites then, so now I am in search of new favorites.

We love Enoteca Barbone for it's reasonable prices and great food. Is there something equivalent out there? I think cacio e pepe has some supporters and some haters, but what's another great mid-priced Italian restaurant? Just to help describe this a bit more, we usually go to Lupa too.

We are also looking for another Modern American restaurant, also pretty mid-priced, though we might be willing to spend more with a stunning review. We went to Vino Vino and Landmarc last time and would like to try something

I'm also looking for a great lunch recommendation in Soho. We will be doing some shopping there and looking for some place great to stop for refueling.

We're staying in mid-town, but willing to travel around Manhattan to follow a good lead.

I hope this is enough info and thanks in advance for all the great Chowhound recommendations I am sure to get.

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  1. Lunch in SOHO: Balthazar
    Modern America: Any of the Blue Ribbons: Blue Ribbon Brasserie, BR Bakery, BR TWC (Sushi dominant but also favorites from the Brasserie menu).

    Mid priced Italian - 'inoteca; Stuzzichini, La Lunetta

    1. for italian, i think da andrea just absolutely rules...always crowded, always delicious...not mid-priced though...the food is amazing yet relatively inexpensive considering the quality. otherwise, gradisca is a more expensive but just a cut below da andrea.

      modern american? lots of new places have been doing great these days. i like allen and delancey loads...the food is great there...same with smith's on macdougal street, and market may also want to try yr luck with little owl. i had a recent dinner there for the first time in a few months and the place is still at the top of its game.

      lunch in soho? id go across houston to 'ino...tiny nook with great italian meats, cheeses and wine.

      1. For Italian, Crispo. Apizz and Peasant are also great but more expensive. The enoteca room at Del Posto is a good bargain.
        Modern American: I second Little Owl. Market Table and Smith's are also worth a try. My favorite Modern American is Dressler, but that's in Brooklyn.

        1. For Italian, Crispo. For modern American, Perilla.