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Jan 7, 2008 05:40 AM

I Miss Sea Island Shrimp House.. :(

Anyone else? Why did they leave Austin?

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  1. The few times that I went there the place was dead, only a couple of other tables. I think they just couldn't afford it. I did notice that there are some still open in Houston.

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      When we want seafood, we go to Louisiana Longhorn Cafe in Round Rock. They have the best shrimp in town. And that means Austin too. My husband eats their raw oysters and boiled crawfish. We have been to Captain's at lunch and they are usually pretty good too. We stay away from Pacific Star. It's cheap but the quality is not there.

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        What? The dozen or so times I went there it was packed with a wait for seating several times. Granted, I didn't go the last year it was there since I moved south.

        It was awesome and very inexpensive. there is one in far north SA in I-35 if you need a fix.

      2. You might like "Captain's Seafood and Oyster Bar" at 5700 N I 35. We went once and had some pretty decent food for the venue. Personally, I do like the fry em up or broil type of seafood places.

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          Pacific Star is good too. They have good oysters on the half shell at affordable prices.

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            Please note that the Captain's is not the Captain's anymore, it goes by a new name. I have not been in there since it changed hands, so I am not sure how much of the menu has changed.

          2. Sea Island was a really cool place. Every time I went in there for lunch there was a long line. Not Eddie V's to be sure, but good food at reasonable prices. I think the vast majority of their business came from lunch, and they couldn't survive without lucrative dinner business and the alcohol sales that come with it. I'm sure the Tollroad construction didn't help either.

            1. I miss them too. I grew up on Sea Island Shrimp House. I used to go the the original one in San Antonio next to what is now North Star mall. That one is still my favorite, although I stop by any one I can when i am in San Antonio. I am not completely sure why it closed, but i assume the toll road construction killed it. Its a shame, because I loved their Lot 'o' shrimp plate.

              1. lousiana long horn is good as is sami's boat yard,opal divines took over sea island and does well and with fryes there the sea island should have been able to survive but was never busy the last yr before it closed