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Jan 7, 2008 05:37 AM

Stand Review

We had lunch at Stand yesterday since Shake Shack was closed due to some electricity issue. We each had a classic burger medium rare - I liked the fact that one has a choice, shared a small fries, and I had (half) a Toasted Marshmallow milkshake. The latter was delicious, and had toasted marshmallow on top - could have drunk the whole thing, but didn't due to my NY resolution of exercising restraint. The french fries were great - crispy on the outside - they bring you sea salt to sprinkle on them, as well as catsup and mayonnaise. They also offer shoestring fries, and the onion rings looked good as well. The hamburger and bun were both nicely grilled, and the hamburger is much bigger than the one at Shake Shack - $9. Overall - a very good lunch. My husband and I both like the bun at Shake Shack better, and I think the two are just two different experiences, one not better than the other. Lots of microbrew on tap - the bartender gave my husband a taste of one, and a full bar. I think the bill before tip was about $30.

Went to Joe's afterward to try an espresso - didn't like it - too bitter for my taste - and too hot and a bit oily.

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  1. i disagree on joe's but totally agree on stand...great place...great fries, burgers, and those shakes are just plain amazing.

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      I've been following the espresso thread on the General Topics board, and it may just be my taste in espresso that is my issue w/ Joe's! And on the shakes - what had brought Stand to my attention in the first places is that they use Il Laboratorio di Gelato's gelato to make the milkshakes.

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        I had the apple pie milkshake at Stand the other night - thought it was just decent, if not on the thin side. I ordered it to go, and only half the cup was actual milkshake, the other half was nothing but a mountain of whipped cream. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the drink, it's hard not to love Il Lab's gelato blended with a slice of apple pie, hehe. But at $6 a piece, I prefer the milkshakes at Ronnybrook Milk Bar in the Chelsea Market

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          That's too bad! I went last night and split a vanilla and a toasted marshmallow and they were both great. We even commented on how thick they were! I went extra bad and put some mini m &m's in the marshmallow shake and basically enjoyed a liquid Smore's all night :)

          Maybe they just aren't so good at the apple pie yet ?

          1. re: roze

            Haha, "EXTRA BAD" - that I like!
            I want to go back for a different flavour, toasted marshmallow perhaps, seeing as I am the only one not impressed by the milkshakes. Maybe I'll go extra bad with some mini m&m's? hehe!

      1. re: kam0424

        I actually have a photo on my BB that I sent my Mom - will try to post it tomorrow. And it was amazing.

      2. I always get the house burger, which has a delicious sauce - kind of like thousand island, or their version of secret sauce. Best of all, the burgers are two-for-one 2-6 and 10-12!

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          That is a great fact to know! Thanks!

        2. Does anyone know if Stand has closed?

          We were checking out the website last night in advance of a visit, but now the site is gone. I suspect this also means the restaurant is gone, but I'm not certain...

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          1. re: Zobot

            The restaurant is still there and so is the website. I guess there was something wrong with your internet connection.

            What an illustrative example of how definitive the internet has become as a source of information--"Hey I can't see the website...that must mean that the restaurant is closed!"

            Did you try calling them?

          2. I have always had a really good meal at stand. The burgers are delicious but I REALLY like their veggie burger. It is so delicious. We have always had nice, crispy fries as well. The servers are a little brain dead but I have just come to realize that the servers in NYC are zombies for the most part.