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Apr 26, 2001 01:39 AM

where can i get some good dessert?

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Where are some places in the Los Angeles area that serve good dessert? Are there any that stay open late in the night?


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  1. Al Gelato on Robertson has what I think is the best dessert in LA, its devil's food cake with vanilla icing and whipped cream. yum. Dinners, especially the spaghetti with a meatball, are also excellent.

    Second place: Marek's (?), the Mexican place in Santa Monica, has a fantastic sizzling apple pie. The apple pie a la mode at Johnny Rockets is also great, suprisingly.

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      Was quite surprised by a delicious apple crumble pie served at The Pig on La Brea. The bottom crust was buttery and flakey and the mounds brown sugary crumbles were perfectly crunchy and sweet. The apples were pretty good, too. It's served on a huge plate topped with caramel and ice cream.

      Late night, I sometimes run to Canter's for a raspberry or apricot filled macaroon. It's not what I usually think of as a macaroon - no coconut, but more of a Linzer Torte sans powdered sugar - a butter cookie with yummy almondy marzipan filling and a dollop of fruit jelly.

      Of course, I'm a sucker for any dessert at Campanile. Creme fraiche ice cream? With berries and mini biscuits? Count me in.

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        Gotta agree with you about Al Gelato. But I'm surprised that you didn't mention their apple pie, which is what converted me to liking apple pie in the first place. I'll have to try your devil's food cake recommendation.


      2. I think there's been some discussion of this place in the past, so you might try searching the chowhound database, but I'm a big fan of Sweet Lady Jane's (Melrose, a couple blocks east of La Cienaga). Don't know how late it's open, but I have gone after dinner so at least 9 or 10. The berry cake is legendary. Everything else is super yummy.

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          I concur! Great berry fruit tart. The perfect amount of fruit, cream and crust and neither too rich, too sweet nor bland. Hits the spot on a summer evening.

          They also have wines by the glass, though I can't remember what was on the wine list.

          My sister also loves the chocolate souffle at Emmanuel (in Studio City).

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            I third that emotion! I just had the famous berry cake for my birthday, and was in absolute blissful heaven. Moist white cake with a creamy (not sweet) filling and frosting. In the first layer were fresh strawberries, in the next, fresh blueberries, and in the last fresh raspberries... mmmm. And it was gorgeous, to top it off!

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              Two words for you...Coconut Cake!

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                Almost everything I've had there has been amazing. I'm particularly partial to the Princess Cake, Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, oreo cheese cake and praline cheese cake, but you really can't go wrong. Has anyone had their breads and other baked goods? I hear they're good too.