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Jan 7, 2008 05:14 AM

Huge Chowfind: Chodang Soon Tofu

I was in between meetings last week and I was driving along Dundas West in Etobicoke looking for lunch. I noticed a place called Chodang Soon Tofu on Dundas Street West between Burnhamthorpe and Kipling. I have had great experiences at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu on Bloor near Christie, so I went in to Chodang to check it out.

The place was empty at about 2:30pm so I was a bit sceptical. I noticed a sign next to the cash stating that all the tofu is make fresh daily on-site. Then I noticed a glassed in section next to the kitchen with a big steel vat and other equipment that I assumed is used to make the tofu.

Okay, I thought, maybe it's new and undiscovered. Dive in and give it a try. I'm super happy I did.

As soon as I sat down, the smiling server brought over a pot of steaming tea and a small plate of firm (not soon) tofu with a soy and green onion dipping sauce. Delish. Good start.

I ordered the seafood soon tofu. A couple of minutes after I ordered, the server brought out a bunch of Korean appetizers. They included spicy kimchi, a couple more plates of amazing pickled veg, very tasty rolled and sliced omelette, a whole small fried fish (good but not great, although I definitely polished it off right to the bone :-), and a couple more I can't remember. Although not all of them stuck in my mind, I remember thinking that they were all very good.

Then the server rolled out a cart with the soon tofu stew, as well as a bowl of rice that had a purple colour (from black beans perhaps?). The server put the stew on the table and told me to crack a raw egg in and stir it around. The boiling liquid quickly cooked the egg. Then she scooped the rice from a small vessel into a bowl and poured water into the empty vessel, creating a thin soup that became cloudy as it mixed with the rice residue. She told me that drinking this rice water is very healthy and traditional.

The soft soon tofu came in a pot of bubbling and boiling red soup/stew with a couple of mussels, some calamari, and two prawns with their heads. Not a lot of seafood, but definitely enough considering 1) the price and 2) the amount of other food that was served. The stew was super hot, flavourful and the seafood was really fresh. I remember thinking that all this is healthy as well.

Then the owner brought out a small plate of crisp, greaseless tempura tofu with a really tasty teriyaki-style dippingsauce. Really fresh and tasty. And gratis too.

I couldn't believe the price. All that for $9.25 including tax and tip. And all the food was very good. How is that possible???

I noticed that they sell jugs of freshly made soya milk and containers of soon tofu. Overall, an excellent experience. I will DEFINITELY be back.

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  1. This sounds great, thanks for posting the review. I live in the area and would really like to try it but... I can't decipher your directions.

    Burnhamthorpe runs east-west and Kipling runs north-south. I realize Dundas is a little wacky in that area, but I still can't quite figure out where this place would be from what you said. Do you have an address? Or perhaps another street in there to make an intersection (pretty sure it's not at Dundas & Kipling, as I go by there every day and haven't noticed it).



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      Sorry, I didn't note the address. In that area, Dundas, Burnhamthorpe, and Kipling form a triangle. When you get to the end of Burnhamthorpe (which I think becomes Cordova southeast of Dundas) make a right onto Dundas (you'll now be travelling southwest). The place is a couple blocks to the southwest. You'll see what I mean if you open the area on google maps.

      Definitely check it out and let me know what you think.

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        I'd love to check it out. Do you know if they have bibimbap as well? I am not a huge fan of the soon tofu but I love the tofu and bibimbap.


        1. re: cutehinano

          I don't think I remember seeing it on the menu, but maybe they have bi bim bap as well.

    2. Thank you thank you thank you acd for this. I have a serious soon tofu addiction, and you've become a serious enabler in my continuing love for this tasty dish!


      1. Thanks, I am often in the neighbourhood and will definitely be dropping by to check this place out! I often find Korean places serve immense quantities of food for very low cost, they are good that way.

        1. Hi, ate there last night - address is 5130A Dundas St W - just around where Dundas W joins up with Bloor. Had the Dumpling Soon Tofu and can confirm acd123's report food was good and plentiful. The people that own it are so sweet - they really want you to have a good experience.
          Someone was asking if they have Bibimbap - and yes they do - as well they offer their version of Bento Box with things like spicy chicken, pork katsu, etc.

          1. Any chance this place is open for a late lunch on Sunday?

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            1. re: Food Tourist

              If I am not mistaken ,I have seen it open on Sundays.....