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Jan 7, 2008 04:01 AM

Market Table Dinner Review

Visited Market Table for the first time Sunday night after falling in love with LIttle Owl last year. At 5:45 p.m., the place was packed, not a seat in the house except for our waiting table. The host, one of the owners, was charming and welcoming and sat us right down.

Place was very warm and had a great vibe, all big windows on the corner of Carmine. We ordered a wine and a beer then onto the small, but well organized menu. I had the crab cake dinner, which was delicious. One very large crab cake, almost all crab, sitting on a crispy slaw with a ramekin of fries. Simple but just great flavors.
He had the gnochi with parmesan broth and short rib for the app, and loved it. NOt a big portion, just right. Then he had the steak, which came with I think a watercress salad. He said it was great. For sides, we had the hush puppies and the brussel sprouts. The sprouts were really good with walnuts. I tried a hush puppy with some type of sweet butter for dipping, really good again.

Dessert was the weakest part of the meal. Andif any improvements are to be made, it should be here. I ordered the only chocolate thing on the small menu, a devil's food cake with chocolate gelato. The gelato was good, but the cake was on the ddry side for me. Just too blah. Needed some oomph.
He had a pistachio muffin with some kind of pear. He said it was good, looked paltry and not appetizing to me.
Overall, loved it and would return. Unless desserts improve dramatically, would go elsewhere for a sweet ending.

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  1. melody1313, thanks for the report. What was so special about the food? Just simple and greenmarket fresh? Sounds like what I might make at home after shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket. Why should I go to Market Table (and deal with the crowds)?

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      You're absolutely right, nothing spectacular, just very well cooked greenmarket food. Not creative, just solid with a nice vibe. I probably could cook it at home, but then it wouldn't be a night out without the little ones and some peace and quiet!

    2. thats pretty much my stance on market table. ive been there maybe 4x so far and everytime no matter how crowded, my table is always ready when i arrive...even at 8pm on a saturday. food is totally solid...the crab cake and lamb leg particularly. the gnocchi is good but something was missing there.

      desserts are pretty bad. i go across the street to blue ribbon to end it.