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Jan 7, 2008 03:47 AM

Good places to eat in York?

Am heading to York for a few days later this month and would love to hear about good places to eat besides the revered Betty's Tea Rooms. We're particularly looking for a good place to get dinner in the city on Monday night.

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  1. Melton's.

    My rec. is about two years old, so apologies if the place has gone down the pan in the meantime (although Good Food Guide gives it a 5). I also see from the Guide that there's now Meltons Too (sic) which is more bistro-y.

    If you do go to Betty's for afternoon tea, have a "fat rascal", which is an enormous scone.

    Great city - I love it. Have fun.


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      Thanks, that looks good. Don't know if I'm up to a fat rascal, but I'll summon my strength...

    2. We had a wonderful dinner a few years ago at the Ivy. In fact, it was the best of our 2 week tour of England and Scotland. I have seen from their website that it has since changed to a less formal and less expensive style, but I would be surprised if it is not still excellent, and the Grange Hotel where it is located has charming lounges to enjoy cocktails and canapes. We went to Betty's in Harrogate and I assume the one in York is the same so it is definitely a must. If you can get there, I would also highly recommend the Boar's Head Inn in Ripley, which was a close second to the Ivy.