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Jan 6, 2008 11:35 PM

want some Paella with crust

topic says it :D
been to 3 places already: via brasil (in pan but no crust), pio pio (in plate no crust but really good flavor i liked) and another i forget.

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  1. u cud try la paella in the east village(e 9th i believe).

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    1. re: JSHAFT78

      really? just 1 place... i thought crust was desirable ?

    2. Hi S N,

      One of my friends told me in the past that she had the best paelle in NYC at Pamplona because it was the closest thing to what she had in Spain. She specially mentioned about the crust of the paella which she could only get at Pamplona. Since I have never been to Pamplona, I hope other hounds could verify this. But based on the high comments of other hounds (like RGR) on Pamplona, I think their food should be excellent.

        1. paella in nyc is usually made in covered cast iron kettle on top of the stove. when i was in spain i watched the chefs start it on top of the stove in a skillet and then finish it by putting the skillet in the oven with no cover. that's where the crust comes from. the closest paella i have had to the paella in spain is at la paella on east ninth.