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Jan 6, 2008 09:30 PM

iron chef puck???

anyone else catch the random 2004 episode on tvfn tonight that aired before the oliver v. batali battle? it was puck v. morimoto in battle "egg."

it may have been the very first ICA episode ever filmed, and i believe this was the first time it aired. the format, energy and pace have definitely evolved over the past few years. this one seemed very flat and scripted. anyway, apparently wolfgang was one of the original iron chefs america...for one episode. who knew?

hey, at least he retired with a winning record :)

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  1. I think he would have won too many battles. His sous chefs were all top notch and could probably be Iron Chefs themselves!

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    1. re: Xericx

      well with sherry yard by his side he certainly would have kicked ass with sweet/dessert ingredients.

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        ok, i finally had a chance to watch the battle and realized that his other "sous chef" was lee hefter...that team would have been a terror to beat! wolfgang was extremely calm and cool throughout. very impressive. but the most interesting thing about the entire episode was how quiet jeffrey steingarten was during judging. very subdued, not opinionated, and it was edited to show fewer of his comments than the other judges.

        oh, how things have changed :)

    2. Haha. I think this is what made me not like Iron Chef America! I always thought it was a terrible ripoff from Iron Chef Japan! I've watched episodes since but still associate it with the awful start it had....I guess I should give it another chance!

      1. I remember that I used to be excited about Wolfgang Puck being an Iron Chef as well. They replaced Puck with Morimoto after that first episode, but it's too bad. I never was much on fish ice cream. I think I remember watching Sherry Yard pull strands of lava-like sugar with her bare hands, thinking that I'm less of a man than she.

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          it really was fascinating to watch sherry pulling the sugar - she's unbelievably skilled, graceful and efficient. and alton pointed out at least 3 times just how difficult it is, and how ridiculously hot the sugar was....he sounded pretty awed by her himself.

        2. There were actually about 4 episodes with Puck as Iron Chef, though I'm not sure how many he competed in.

          Those original four were shot in Los Angeles. Since then, production moved to NYC, where Puck is not available, but Batali, Flay, and Morimoto (Philly) were.

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          1. re: Dave and Stuff

            a-ha! so it was a geography issue. it's really too bad - team puck would have been a great one to watch.

            thanks for solving the mystery