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Looking for GRITS (in LA)

I've heard a lot about Grits (in movies & such) and I'm curious to try them out.

Any recommendations for places where I can get some good ol grits in LA?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If this has been covered recently, please point me to that post (yes I searched before I posted :))

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  1. We saw them on the menu at Nat's Early Bite this weekend but I've never tried them there. When I visited New Orleans they were always offered as a side for any egg/breakfast dish just like hash browns are out here.

      1. Uncle Darrow's in Marina del Rey has them. Or you could buy them at any grocery store and make them yourself. They're not hard to make and you can add whatever you like to them -- cheese, hot sauce, etc.

        1. Avoid the cheese grits at Jack n Jills.

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            Really? Why? I agree that they could use a better cheese, but I like them just the same. If you order it as a side, I think it's a little too pricey for that tiny little bowl.

          2. Trader Joe's now has packaged grits just like the packaged polenta. Add your own condiments.

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              I would think most Soul Food restaurants would have grits especially if they serve breakfast. For starters, both Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles www.roscoeschickenandwaffles.com and M & M Soul Food http://www.mandmsoulfoodonline.com have several locations and I know they serve grits. To me, eating grits is an acquired taste. Kind of like eating Cream of Wheat with just butter or gravy. Of course there are places that use them as a base for more complex dishes.

            2. I've gotten some arguments about this, but I really like the grits at Pann's. To my taste they're better than those I've had at all but one or two places in Tennessee or Kentucky, largely because most restaurants in the South nowadays seem to serve the quick-cooking kind. I like those, too, but the long-cooked ones are much more flavorful and interesting.

              I tried the Trader Joe's precooked grits - not bad at all, though I'd save my money and cook my own. As for additions, sharp cheddar and some garlic pretty much covers it for me. Mostly I just use salt, pepper and too much butter, and drop my over-easy eggs on top - I think I grossed out Brenda, my favorite Pann's waitress, by doing that one day...

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                If you're going to buy your own and make at home, get the real stuff.


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                  Here's a thread about my search for another kind:


                  These really need to be soaked first to get the chaff out, but I like'em better than the Anson Mills grits I got from Surfas. Loads cheaper, too...and yes, Alice is a treat to talk to.

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                  >Mostly I just use salt, pepper and too much butter,
                  >and drop my over-easy eggs on top

                  Beat a couple of those eggs into fairly loose cooked grits -- along with cheese, butter, and a little chopped jalapeno -- and bake in a souffle dish until lightly browned on top. That's a delicious dish for dinner or breakfast. P.S. Johnny Rebs in Orange, etc., also has cheese grits on the menu, but they're average to my Rebel taste.

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                    ohhh, yum! I bet if you left out the Jalepenos, but then topped the baked grits with a good jalepeno jelly, you'd be in ultra heaven!

                3. I like the Pann's grits and the ones served at Square One.

                  1. I realize this is a somewhat perverse response, but the grits at Craft this weekend were amazing. Especially when eaten with the broccolini or the cauliflower. Unfortunately, much else there was sub-par.

                    1. Most (probably all) Dennys serve grits as an alternative to spuds on their breakfasts, though sometimes they aren't on the menu.

                      As a newcomer, I'd start there, rather than spending big bucks or going a long distance for something I might not like -- though I can't imagine not liking grits with a bit pat of butter and maybe a little salt and pepper. Ummm.

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                        Pann's are better and not much more expensive.

                        I've also seen grits used wherea creamy polenta is the usual side. I would go there. Or Square One.

                        Larkins has grits for the Brunch on Sunday.

                      2. I really, really like the cheese grits at Cafe Buna on Washington in MDR. With some black pepper and hot sauce, mmm.

                        1. I seem to remember having grits at Dinahs- the place near LAX.

                          1. Zeke's in Montrose serves them at brunch. They were like I remember from when I lived in the south. They may serve them at the W Hollywood branch, not sure. If you do go there, the cider donut holes were amazing.

                            I had the ones at Jack and Jill's a week or so later. They were fine.

                            1. Cafe Boogaloo in Hermosa does great grits. They'll even do a grits with jambalaya or gumbo combo if you ask! My boyfriend orders his grits from Falls Mill.


                              1. I had the shrimp and grits for dinner at Nook last weekend and it was delicious.

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                                  Shrimp and grits - that dish alone would justify the existence of the Southeast Coast!

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                                    I saw them on the breakfast menu at Maurice's, but I've only eaten there at lunch. Their two breakfast specials are Salmon Croquettes with grits or Beef Stew with grits. I think they give you a biscuit and fried apples as well.
                                    Maurice's Snack n' Chat
                                    5068 W. Pico Blvd.

                                    Sometimes Auntie Em's will have a grit casserole with cheese, tomatoes and turkey sausage as a Breakfast Special. Its pretty tasty.
                                    Auntie Em's Kitchen
                                    4616 Eagle Rock Blvd

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                                      With andouille sausage too! So delicious that I might end up back there again this week...