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Apr 25, 2001 04:46 PM

Vietnamese in Culver City

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A new Vietnamese restaurant, Cafe Saigon, has opened up in a bizarre location. It's in the warehouse section of Culver City on National Bl. (8572) between La Cienega and Washington. The restaurant occupies a location which has been home to a series of perhaps a dozen different diners over the years, and is the only restaurant in the entire neighborhood. Anyway, the pho is very good and the broth is as good as anything I've had in any Vietnamese restaurant. I have my doubts as to how long it can last in that location, but at least it gives Westsiders a shot at Vietnamese food. One last thing is that it appears that the restaurant is closed on weekends due to its location.

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  1. I work at a production company around the corner. At lunch the place is packed with ad-types, workers, etc.
    Spring rolls as perfect and transluscent as I've seen in Vietnamese places downtown!

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      If you're ever in San Gabriel, there's a Vietnamese place on Las Tunas called Golden Deli (I don't know why) which is pretty good. The people line up to get inside.

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      Sounds yummy. Any other recommendations for Vietnamese food on the west side? I miss all the places in Westminster and Garden Grove.

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        Another is "Le Saigon", a small cafe at 11611 Santa Monica Blvd between Federal and Barry.