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Jan 6, 2008 08:17 PM

looking 4 good pastrami...

In Nassau County, does anyone have a good pastrami place? I've tried "Pastrami Plus" in Levittown - not bad, not bad at all. But I would like to try somewhere else. I am part of the minority when it comes to pastrami - I really like it on the fatty side. granted my arteries do'nt like it but what can I say !

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  1. For good pastrami, a Kosher deli is mandatory, as some of them make their own, or buy the best from the wholesale provisioner.

    Try Ben's in Woodbury or Greenvale. I really like their pastrami. Make sure you ask for a fatty cut, if that is what you like.

    Boomy's in Plainview is fair. Supposedly, the 'Second Avenue Deli", which is no longer on Second Ave is extremely good. Look up the current location in Manhattan.

    1. Try Pastrami King on Merrick Road in Merrick. Owners were originally at a place in Queens with the same name for years. Not sure if it's a Kosher place, but the meats are top notch.

      1. Try Ben's - Jericho, Greenvale. Recommended by my friends from LI. Haven't personally eaten there, though. Have heard some mentions that quality may have been moving downhill of late.

        1. Sarge's in Jericho on the south side of Jericho Tpke east of rt 107 I had the pastrami and my wife had the brisket .If I'm in that neck of the woods and want deli thats where I'm going.

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            I thought they weren't there anymore. I'll be going past there soon and take another look...

            1. re: MacTAC

              I hope their still there ........................please let me know

              1. re: scunge

                I'm not a pastrami maven but Kosher King in Lake Success is always filled with happy looking fressers. I had their corned beef and the sweet potato fries and was pleased. I find Ben's prices way too high.

                1. re: lucyis

                  oops I mean Deli King, the one in the same strip with Dairy King

                2. re: scunge

                  Think they closed within the last few only has 3rd ave in the NYC.

                  1. re: scunge

                    It's now a Bagel store, has been for a while. I drove by yesterday to make sure...

              2. Andel's; Roslyn Road just north of the LIE intersection.