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Jan 6, 2008 08:14 PM

Alternative to Bisquik?

I was about to make a favorite dish from many years ago when I realized that one of the ingredients, Bisquik, contains trans fat.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to Bisquik that does not contain trans fat? I would guess I could make my own by mixing flour and butter, but in what proportion?

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  1. Bisquick Clone

    You can use vegetable oil in place of solid shortening.

      1. Baking Mix
        3 cup all-purpose flour
        4 1/2 tsp baking powder
        1 1/2 tsp salt
        1/2 cup shortening or chilled butter

        There are dozens of basic recipes out there...this is just one....cut the butter into the other ingredients, or whiz in the food processor until crumbs...
        use as for the prepared mixes


        1. I thought the one vital ingredient in Bisquick was buttermilk. Saco makes a powdered buttermilk that you can mix with flour to make a Bisquick knock-off. I think Bisquick uses shortening for shelf stability, but if you make a batch specifically for your recipe, you can sub butter for shortening, use, refrigerate leftovers.

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            Homemade baking mix should be kept refrigerated or used quickly...I should have added that.
            Some mixes, generic, or name brand, use a powdered milk or buttermilk, others don't. Using milk instead of water in whatever dish it's to be used, again, I would have thought was obvious.
            The point of avoiding regular store bought is the transfat, so adding shortening defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Depending on the dish, under the circumstances, some lard could be used.
            Transfat free baking mix is out there, I'm sure, but when in the middle of cooking, I bet it's impossible to find on a quick run to the store. Best to have a substitute available to one, at any particular time.


          2. PS Just checked the Bisquick Web site, and the low fat Bisquick says it contains
            no trans fats.