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Apr 25, 2001 03:17 PM

Psyched for White Asparagus

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Hans Rockenwagner's article in LA Times today about White Asparagus has me completely ready for a pound or three of asparagus. Sure, I can try to make it myself, but..well, anybody have any recommendations for good/great White Asparagus dishes at local restaurants?

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  1. Knoll's Black Forest on Wilshire in Santa Monica imports the white asparagus from Germany when it's in season. Give them a call and ask if they have it yet. If they do, I'll probably see you there.

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      Gretchen Ehrenberg

      Here in Germany, the Asparagus season is as highly anticipated like the strawberries in Oxnard or Garlic in Gilroy.

    2. Knowing your interest in wine, a wonderful match with spargel is dry Alsatian muscat.

      1. At Ca Dario in Santa Barbara they make a dish that consists of asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, grilled and then drizzled with balsamic vinegar and laced with shaved parmesan. White used when in season.

        1. Should you change your mind and decide to cook albino asperges at home, do not buy the nasty stuff sold at Ralphs. Organically grown white asparagus has been available at Wednesday's farmers market in Santa Monica (along 2nd and Arizona) for the last few weeks. Look for the lovely stand just west of 3rd Street on the north side of Arizona. The produce comes from a tiny farm praised by Alice Waters, Wendell Berry and me.

          1. Go to Rock, his restaurant in Marina del Rey. We went there last weekend. My mother flipped over the white asparagus soup. Had she not been full, she probably would have ordered it for dessert! And, yes, the restaurant is great too!