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Jan 6, 2008 07:44 PM

Pre-theater in Harvard Square

Looking for a casual and quiet(ish) place that is not expensive - hopefully in the mid-teens for entrees. I like Indian but another member of our group doesn't, so that's out. thanks

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  1. A few options:
    Small Plates, a new Tapas restaurant on JFK
    The Red House (prices may be slightly higher than you want but they also have half-sized pasta entreees that are actually quiet big

    1. Cambrige1 is always fun. I really like their salads and their thin pizzas.

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        I recently went to Cambridge1 before a movie at the Brattle. My friend and I were directed straight to a table, but I was a little impatient for a server since we only had 45 minutes to make our movie. There was no server nearby, but the hostess was in the area so I flagged her down. I asked if she could send our server since we didn't have a lot of time. She went away and came back less than a minute later to say "If you're ready to order, I can take it for you." We did, we got our food very promptly, and we even had time for an extra post-dinner glass of wine before the movie.

        I've enjoyed going to Cambridge1, but this experience has moved them higher in my list of "go-to" places in Harvard Square. This is an instance where extra effort on the staff's part not only resulted in our having a nice night out, it was even enhanced since we had time for another drink. I really, really appreciate this, and I'll definitely be going back more often.

      2. Grafton St. isn't the best place in the world, but they've got a fairly varied menu that's mostly <$20. It's sister restaurant Redline is casual and well priced too. Small plates at Casablanca would work. Dolphin Seafood. Sandwiches or apps at the place that begins with D on Mt. Auburn St.

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          Darwin's? Good sandwiches, lousy service - more of a place to grab lunch than eat a decent pre-theater dinner.

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            It was Daedalus that I was thinking of. They have sandwiches that would definitely fit the OP's requirement and it should be quiet at 7 on a Sat.

            And I see lots of people ragging on Redline in the other related post, that it's not a place to eat. But we've gone early on a couple weeknights (before any DJ'ing) and had perfectly fine burgers, steak salad, steap tips, etc.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I agree with Casablanca. If the weather's not too rough, walking up to West Side Lounge could be a good idea.