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Jan 6, 2008 07:44 PM

Shawarma Knight, Cgy

Shawarma Knight is at 1512 14 St SW in Calgary- it's right next door to Vogglio d'Pizza, which has been getting lots of buzz here and elsewhere. SK replaces "Shawama King," which went belly up after some... problems... and I just thought that SK was a rebranding effort due to the King's bad press (and Yen, yes, my honeymoon there did end eventually!). I dropped in there out of pure curiosity a few weeks ago and have become a loyal customer. They don't do anything earth-shattering, but they sell nice sandwiches (chicken and lamb shawarma and donairs, and falafels of course) and a couple of interesting other noshes.

SK a family business with the family in question being one of the most hospitable group of people I have ever met. They're Iraqi although the menu itself is typical Western-Canada Lebanese as I've just mentioned. They don't have stews or matlouba or any of the plates as they have at another Calgary Iraqi joint that I very much love (Babylon, at 28th and Memorial SE) ; they do however have an absolutely delectable side that I must mention because I've never seen it before: It's basically a deep-fried potato stuffed with ground beef. I do not know what this delicacy is called (I should have asked) but it's just too much good happening all at once- like a burger and fries in one swallow. Really intriguing.

I've had the chicken shawarma and the donairs there (I've become addicted to donairs since overdosing on them on my trip to Germany in October), very neatly constructed and good value. This isn't Tazza (yet) but it's a nice example of a neighbourhood shawarma place with what might be the friendliest service I've encountered in years.

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  1. I'm happy you posted about SK; I've been meaning to put something up about this place too. I had the chicken shawarma a couple of times and both times delicious. I'm a big fan of Tazza but the last time I was there, before Christmas, I found the chicken shawarma to be lacking (I could count the pieces of chicken in it).

    I agree the owners are delightful and hopefully they'll do well in this spot.

    1. anyone know where to get good falafel, mostly I have had really dry stuff here in Calgary. Compared to what I could get in London. I almost can't stomach it here.

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        I have an odd vote for my favourite falafel- it's at Pharaoh's in Marda Loop. I love their falafel platter and it's one of the few places where I specifically go for falafel.

      2. do you know where to find some good/authentic tabouli salads or the like?

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        1. Yep, they're awesome, but I have to note two irksome things:

          1. The potato things are called "kubbe batata" spelled phonetically- "potato balls"- and they seem never to make them anymore.
          2. I got a lamb/beef shawarma last time and it was quite good, on par with that at Sammy's, and I also got a side of falafel balls. These were terrible- dry and crumbly. Compared to the falafel at, say, Aida's, this was a huge disappointment, so I know not to order the falafel there, but it was still a bit of a shock.

        2. I was just thinking that I'm due for a Lebanese thread... I used to love the shawarmas in Ottawa years ago.

          Are there any good places to check out downtown or in the NE?

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