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Jan 6, 2008 07:37 PM

Food Related Legal Internships

I am a law student right now with a profound love for food and all food related topics. Right now i am looking for internship opportunities for the up coming summer and i'd like to do something that involves food and ngo's, since i love food and i plan on entering the public law arena anyway. Unfortunately i am having trouble thinking of where or how i could find an internship that would be for an organization that works with food. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Contact the major food pervayors (US Foods), chains (OSI, Darden), publications (Restaurant News), etc.

      I believe Joe Cato is head legal cousel for OSI. Send a nice registered letter. That may get your foot in the door.

      1. Generally speaking the food and hospitality industry offer interships to students who have attended/graduated (from) learning institutions that specialize in those fields. In fact many of the culinary arts schools require completing an internship in order to graduate. I think it might be extremely difficult finding an organization that works in food who will take you on in an internship program. But good luck anyway.

        1. what area of the country will you be living in during your internship, and are you open to moving to a new area for the duration of the internship? or will you be based in d.c?

          1. Look up your local restaurant association. Most states and some cities have one, as well as national groups. These almost always have legal departments to keep track of employment laws and health codes and help restaurants deal with legal disputes. In DC you'll want to try the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington ( or the National Restaurant Association (, which is headquartered here. There may be others as well.