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Jan 6, 2008 07:35 PM

We finally tried Piper's Kilt burgers...

I have lived in the area all my life, but had never been to the Piper's Kilt for a burger until Friday night. We loved the place. Although we normally drink wine, skip it as we couldn't find anything potable. Beer is probably better with the burger,anyway.

We asked for it rare, it came rare, perfectly soft and good greasy, just a good burger. Too bad the french fries are not up to the burger. Still, we'll be going back.

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  1. Pobo,

    While I agree the fries aren't the greatest, I never understand the burger bashing. What can possibly be wrong with a fresh juicy burger cooked exactly the way you like it. I even had mine overcooked the last time I was there and it was still delicious.

    Which burger did you get?

    1. Yeah i was just there Friday night and the burgers are consistently delicious. The only problem i had on Friday was the service. But seriously, once the waiter places that hot juicy burger in front of you, you can't stay mad!!!

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      1. re: MikiLovesSugar

        Have you tried the new Burger shakes and fries place? Tried the other day but the place was packed -- hope its worth it. I still like Piper's, but something new would be nice. Put a juicy burger in front of me any day and I'm a happy man!

      2. try the onion rings. they are served with a delicious dipping sauce. not healthy, but yummy.

        1. How dare you folks torture this cholesterol challenged former Piper's Kilt burger addict with mentions of their burgers! Ahhh, memories of the Eastchester Burger medium rare with the Broadway option. Mmmmm mmmm.

          Ok, back to reality and off to Stew Leonard's salad bar to load up on some rabbit food. Cheers :)

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          1. re: varsitysg

            And don't forget the side of chili Varsitysg!

            1. re: jhopp217

              jhopp, I could never forget the side of chili lol. For me, the Eastchester Burger with the Bway option was the perfect sized meal, along with a couple of cold drafts of course :)

              I was first introduced to the Kilt in the 80's when I worked in Inwood for the telephone company on Bway and 213th St, so their Inwood location was just a short walk away. I've also visited their Kingsbridge location for Sunday brunch with friends from that neighborhood and living in lower West, their Eastchester location is very convenient.

              1. re: varsitysg

                Anyone who consistently has the Eastchester burger dish, Broadway sized, should keep their will updated.

                1. re: addictedtolunch

                  addicted - I once witnessed something amazing there. A guy walked in and as curcumstances would have, sat down between one guy who was about 6'2" 280 and another about 5"10 250. This guy was about 5'7 140lbs. He walks in and orders a Guinness and asks for a double order Eastchester Burger - Broadway! The bartender explained that it was a lot of food. The food comes out and to conserve space at the bar, they gave him a big bowl of cjili and a basket of fries. Two 10 oz (or is it 12oz?) burgers with lettuce and tomato on the side and about 8 onion rings. This guy in the course of his meal, which took about 30 minutes, also ordered 4 more pints of Guinness. He pushed the plate aside with two onion rings left on the plate and not a drop off food anywhere else and leaned back, sighed, paid his bill and walked out. The two guys two his left and right sat and looked in amazement. It wasn't so much the burgers, but it was the fact he polished off all the sides, and slurped down 5 pints og guiness with his meal. All within a half an hour.

                  I can eat a lot, but I don't know if I could do that.

                  1. re: jhopp217

                    The guy is probably dead now, but if he reads this, I'll pay for the food if he'll do it again.

          2. i was there for the first time last thursday. had a "manhattan" medium rare and two sammy smith drafts. could have used some more napkins.

            all-in-all, good bar, good pub. i'll be back.

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            1. re: steve h.

              A manhattan? What's that?> Are you talking about the one in Eastchester?
              Honestly, I haven't looked at the menu in so long, I don't know what anything is actually called.