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Jan 6, 2008 07:08 PM

Inexpensive sushi platters in the Valley or Westside?

Any suggestions for inexpensive to go sushi platters in the valley or on the westside? I need to pick up a lot of sushi for a party of twenty children; most will want cuccumber rolls. Will be traveling from Santa Monica to the party in Woodland Hills.

Thank You!!

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  1. Gelson's is the only grocery store where I will buy sushi, and it's much cheaper than the restaurants. They might be able to make a platter including cucumber rolls if you call ahead and ask.

    1. The Nijiya Market on Sawtelle between Olympic and LaGrange is a best bet for fresh and inexpensive sushi platters. They have a wide assortment, and make up lots of kid-size pieces.

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        Wow; who knew? Thanks for the suggestion! I was going to suggest Costco, but it's really gross. But if cost matters and "quality" doesn't (I hesitate to call it quality of any sort -- that implies there's sushi involved, which basically there is only nominally), this might maybe work...Nijiya is a great suggestion!!

      2. Thank you both for the great suggestions! I think that we will go with Nijiya. We shop there often and our daughter loves their sushi. I have never odered a sushi platter. Should call it in, go in the day before and set up an order or do they make it up while I wait? Is it usually cheaper then purchasing the small pakages and making your own platter?

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          You can call it in, but if you drop by the store, you can see photographs of all the platters they offer, and make sure you get what you want. It's definitely cheaper than buying the small packs. They'll give you chopsticks, wasabi and soy sauce with your order. I'm not sure how much advance notice they need--I usually order the day before.

        2. Hope its not too late! The best and most affordable platters are from Farm Boy in Sherman oaks, in the same center as Trader Joe's. It's on Riverside.

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          1. re: Diana

            Second this. Farm Boy is the best.

            1. re: ebethsdad

              Is Farm Boy a grocery store like Trader joes?

              1. re: waxfondler

                No, they have produce, flowers, sushi, self-serve froyo, and some nuts and honeys. No frozen goods or dairy or anything.

                1. re: Debbie W

                  well, froyo is dairy, usually.

                  They also have take home and make korean galbi bbq (yum) a few dried fruits and candies and such. The sushi there is amazingly fresh and well done. The platters are huge and really affordable. Plus, they're really great to customers.

                  1. re: Diana

                    Thanks. Im always at Trader Joes so i will mos def try Farm Boy.

                    1. re: Diana

                      Farm Boy really satisfies! Their to go sushi is the best sushi of it's kind that I've had. Really fresh, really nice pieces of fish and the rice is seasoned very nicely too!

            2. In addition to the Sherman Oaks Farmboy there is also a newer one in West L.A on Overland close to the 10 in Palms Area. if that would be more convenient for some reason.

              3101 Overland Avenue
              Los Angeles, CA 90034
              (310) 836-0707