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Jan 6, 2008 07:06 PM

Salem, OR: Where shall we eat?

Looking for a place or two to sample while in town.

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  1. What's with Salem? I've posted twice trying to find out where to eat, and not one reply. Is the food that bad?

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      Hey, we moved to Salem about a year ago and it's pretty small town as far as the food scene goes and lots of chain restaurnats, one blog that you might wanna check out...

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        I lived in Salem for years and, thankfully, no longer do. There are precious few dining bright spots there but I will tell you that breakfast at White's on South Commercial just outside of downtown is a must. It's traditional American breakfast fare done the way it should be.

        For a delicious dinner, head to Dundee (just outside of Salem) to Tina's. You can get details at You will find regional Oregon ingredients and wines, outstanding preparations, friendly service and an intimate atmosphere in the middle of wine country.

        The Joel Palmer House in Dayton, which is also a fairly short drive outside of Salem, is known for the unique use of mushrooms in a fine dining setting inside a historical home. You can find them on-line at

        If you don't want to leave the environs of Salem, try DaVinci's but there is little else in town that passes for good food.

      2. yep, meca of fast food.

        Weird town

        1. Also know as Snalem. It is a capital town. I believe

          1. Except for a couple of craft breweries with good beer - there is nothing but fast food in Salem. Head north a ways and you'll find Willamette Valley Vineyards with good wine - but you'll have to head to Portland for good restaurants.

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              Some of the posts on this board really are just silly. Case in point, the preceding. Sorry, but it's true.

              1. re: donttrustsnakes

                So, donttrustsnakes, you sound like you might know of a good place to eat in salem...share?

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                  I was responding to the goofy (hyperbolic?) suggestion that "there is nothing but fast food in Salem." I like Christo's Pizza, which not only might have better pies than anywhere in Seattle but serves Lurisia water, which I have never seen in Seattle. Off Center Cafe for breakfast, perhaps.

            2. The original comment has been removed