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Jan 6, 2008 06:46 PM

Good Thai places in Tenleytown, Woodley Park, Adams Morgan areas?


Could anyone recommend good Thai places in these areas? Thanks so much!

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  1. In Adams Morgan there is Regent Thai. Probably the best Thai food in the area.

    If you are willing to head down to Dupont Circle I like Mai Thai and Thai Chef.

    1. I agree, Regent Thai at 18th and T is my favorite in the city.

      1. 4912, just north of Tenley on Wisconsin, has a lot of fans.

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          but mainly for the siam beef-best dish on the menu

          1. re: MTP

            We do not eat beef but are still 4912 fans. It is not in the stratosphere of taste like the excellent Ruan Thai or fantastic Thai X-ing, but it is in our neighborhood and the food is quite solid. So it is on speed dial for for meal delivery.

        2. Another vote for Regent Thai as the best in that area.

          1. I'd just like to comment to save anybody the experience I had tonight, Regend Thai is some of the least authentic (and least impressive fusion) thai food I've had. I ordered massaman curry - which I get frequently all over the country, and from here it barely had a peanut taste at all, but tasted like coconut milk from a can with ultrasweet condensed milk. I also ordered the extra spicy duck basil dish (forget the thai name), and asked for it "extra hot, thai hot" which usually will set your mouth aflame at a thai restaurant....I didn't even get a tingle. It was if I had ordered it extra bland. And while the way the duck was cooked was the most interesting and delicious part of the meal, they almost ruined it by putting so much mae ploy sauce in their "basil sauce" that it was as if it was the only flavoring.

            Oh yes, I almost forgot because it was so early in the experience - their special curry puffs were fried so quickly that they were cooked on the outside and still refrigerator cold on the inside when I bit in.

            If you like actual thai food, or even good fusion thai food, avoid this place at all costs.