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Jan 6, 2008 05:24 PM

Ogunquit Maine question

We would like to go to Ogunquit for a weekend. Knowing that quite a few restaurants are seasonal, what restaurants would you recommend for lunches and dinners at this time of year?
Thanks for your help.

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  1. " 98 ” Provence Rest. 262 Shore Rd. Ogunquit 207-646-9898.

    ...though not sure if open now. Go unto website, excellent menu.

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    1. re: Peter B Wolf

      98 Provence closes in December and opens in April

    2. Someone asked a similar question last week. Search the board for discussion. That said, January is the worst time to visit Ogunquit. Several places open year round close for a break in Ogunquit. In particular, MC Perkins Cove has great food and great views- is closed only in February. Both Flo';s famous hot dogs and the Village Market- great choices for lunch- take a winter break not sure when but probably in January.
      For lunches there is Food & Co. - take a right at the Og. exit onto Route one and a short distance on the left behind a credit Union. Also, Stonewall Kitchen in front of you at the Ogunquit exit- has a nice cafe with good food. For dinner in Ogunquit there is Bintliffe (Route One North) Impastable Dream (on Shore ROad) Jackies (in Perkins Cove) and Blue Elephant (thai food on Shore) (not particularly recommending them). Very casual is Bessie's in Og Center owned by Jackie. In Kittery is an excellent restaurant called Anneke Jans- you can see their menu and get directions on their website. Robert's Maine Grill and BOb's clam Hut are in Kittery in the shopping area.
      Cape Neddick Lobster Pound is on Shore Rod between Ogunquit and York beach.
      Old Village Inn in Ogunquit Center has decent food.
      Good luck and hope you have a good time.

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      1. re: emilief

        I agree - both MC Perkins Cove and Robert's Maine Grill are favorites. They are not cheap but both have both great views and food. Very cozy this time of year. The ocean is always stunning - even when the snow is dirty and not so pretty. Anneke Jans is wonderful and hip. You'll feel like you're in the city!

      2. heard good things but haven't been: Clay Hill Farm

        another one open in winter - Bintliffs

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        1. re: lexpatti

          Clay Hill is decent, but more like a place I would take a grandparent or parent that doesn't care how much you spend on dinner(do such people exist?) I say this because it's the kind of place the old timers in my family like- family style apps, traditional rolls, butter, steak, potato and side veg kind of place. Some local produce, but prices are out of line( Last meal there was scallops, baked in butter(not a butter sauce) with breadcrumbs, served with asparagus(in August) and mashed potatoes-$32)...Continental fare and not mind blowing... Prices on the sample menu look lower than they were last time I dined there(this summer.) I also think it's weird that they have valet service-- you drive down a dirt country road to get there!..hmm. I think there are better spots in the area- MC Perkins Cove is always good...And Portland is not far away!

          1. re: Bunnyfood

            Agre- Clay Hill is very outdated and in need of a major facelift both physically and food wise. Very expensive for what you get(or don't get).

        2. There are numerous places to eat this time of the year in the Ogunquit &Wells area. There is a places called Johnathan's in Ogunquit,near the Meadowmere Resort.( Another place in Ogunquit is Bintliff's ( in Ogunquit is Old Village Inn.( For Italian in Wells. theres Varano's ( Hope these give you some ideas, If you are staying at a Motel in the area as at the desk, They sometimes have menu's for Restaurants at the desk and Im sure would be able to tell you Who's open and Whos not. Good luck and happy eating. Earle Ct.

          1. is the Whistling Oyster still open?

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            1. re: jspear

              The Whstling Oyster closed probably almost ten years ago. Barnicle Billy's Etc., a more upscale version of BB is where it used to be!

              1. re: emilief

                sad to be so out of touch, I stick to my regular places in Bath/Brunswick and as you can tell by the question, don't get out much!

                1. re: jspear

                  Near the Ogunquit line in Wells, definately try Joshua's for dinner.