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Jan 6, 2008 05:24 PM

Liberty Tavern, Arlington

Nice space, nice menu, not-so-good service. The entrees ("Amish chicken" and one of the "macaroni" offerings) took almost an hour, and it was difficult to get the waiter's attention. We were offered a comped drink to apologize for the kitchen trouble, but that was not reflected on the check. We were in a hurry and did not make an issue of it.

The entrees (Amish chicken and pasta with creamy tomato sauce and pancetta) were good, the wine was good, and I hope the service problems reflected an off night.

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  1. I went there once about three or four months back, but luckily did not have similar problems. The service was extremely (bordering on overly) attentive and friendly. So hopefully your experience was just an off night, as I'm hoping to get back there again.

    1. I have been there twice and the service was good both times. These were busy Saturday nights too; perhaps your experience was an anomaly. I liked the Amish chicken too although it was much better the first time than the second time. My husband really liked the boar pasta. Also good was the mussels appetizer (the grilled bread with it is yummy) and the salad with pecans.

      1. Any other suggestions on menu items at Liberty Tavern? Just found out we're grabbing a late night bite there with friends tonight...

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          I was just there last weekend. (great service by the way, even when they were slammed.) Duck confit appy was good. But my wife's mussels with the tomato-y broth and grilled bread were incredible. Mains were wild mushroom gnocchi and grilled pork chop. Both quite good.

        2. ate here last night and liked it very much, my expectations were far surpassed. watercress salad came with an egg, sunny-side up, roasted potatoes and crunchy little cherry peppers, all tossed in a creamy tangy yummy dressing, it was so good, and although i am not a big fan of runny egg yolk it worked oh so well with the texture of the watercress and flavors of the dressing and salad. followed with an exquisite orriechette with lamb ragu, also surprisingly good, i'm not even the biggest lamb fan and i devoured it. for dessert was creme brulee, two styles — chocoate and cream, and they were both incredible. the wine was great, interesting selection although not super extensive. only disappointing thing was our waiter — he rushed us to order and acted a bit snobbish at times — but even that wasn't a huge deal and he was OK for the most part. i would highly recommend this place in the future — it could even weasel its way into my favorites of clarendon if they keep up the good work.