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finding amaretti cookies in dc -- italian delis?

im making a recipe (butternut squash lasagna) that calls for amaretti cookies... and grocery stores dont seem to carry them! ive been told to check italian delis or italian bakerys but im new to DC and have no idea where to go to find one that isnt in VA or MD... any suggestions?

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  1. Litteri's in the Florida Avenue Market, 517 Morse St, NE, by Galludet University, sells Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno, both in the fancy tin and in bags. They also sell less expensive amaretti cookies which work fine crumbled up for recipes. They're closed Mondays. Call to check their hours since they're in the city wholesale market. 202-544-0183.
    Terrific resource for all things Italian. Great prices on olive oil, wines, pasta, cheese, meats, their own shop-made sausage, wonderful sandwiches, etc. Easy parking right in front of the store.

    1. This is totally random, but I saw them this weekend at Grand Mart (the asian market) off Little River Turnpike.

      1. I've seen them at whole foods and dean and deluca, I think, as well, although I heartily vote in favor of calling Litteri's- I went there for the first time this weekend and it's fabulous! So many interesting things in jars, and in boxes, and...

        Oh, and there's also Vace's- should have them, or might know where to get them.

        Could you post the recipe in home cooking, by any chance? It sounds really intriguing- are the cookies to replace the noodles, or as a crunchy topping?

        1. Try the Italian Store in Arlington. http://www.italianstore.com/

          It's not DC but close by.

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            Rodman's usually has them as well. Vace Italian deli in Cleveland Park also has them.

          2. There is an outlet of Vaccaro's (Baltimore Italian pastry place) in Foggy Bottom somewhere. I haven't had them in DC, but I know their other locations have them and are very good.

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              Also there's a Vaccaro's in Union Station food court; their amaretti cookies are great.

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                "fresh" amaretti cookies aren't good for cooking because they don't crumble like the harder ones.

                the soft ones are delicious, but i wouldn't top butternut squash ravioli (which is what I do) with the soft ones.

                1. Again, totally random....but these cookies show up with regularity in the " gift food" sections of the discounters like Filene's and TJ Maxx, and are usually heavily discounted after holiday seasons. I think I've seen then at World Market, too. If you go to Friendship Heights you can check out all three places which are bascially within one block of each other. Not as much fun as Litteri's, but another option!

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                    my mom makes a butternut squash ravioli with amaretti cookies- World Market is definitely the way to go.

                  2. Oddly enough, I just picked up a package at my local Giant here in Anne Arundel County. They're not the primo-individually wrapped variety, but they were perfectly fin crumbled up in the recipe I was using them for.

                    I think I found them in the "International Foods" isle, on the top shelf.

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                      you guys are awesome!! i ended up making my friend from ny bring them when visiting since i was making the lasagna for the both of us anyway haha

                      but now i know for next time, and also know where i can get the other italian-deli-goods -- thanks!