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Jan 6, 2008 05:01 PM

Where can I buy Kobe beef to cook?

I am afraid to order kobe beef off of the internet and would love to prepare a fabulous dish that requires Kobe beef. I have no idea where to go. I tried citarella, fairway and a few other places, but I can't find it. Help!

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  1. For really good quality kobe beef (the kind with real marbling), you can try Sunrise mart during the weekend. They do have it all the time, and when they have it they are usually sliced thin for sukiyaki. If you want a kobe beef steak, I have only seen good quality ones in Mitsuwa in NJ.

    1. i think i spied some yesterday in Balducchi's on 14th st.

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        I don't think they are kobe beef from Japan. Rather, they are wagyu beef from America. The quality is not the same as the ones from Japan.

      2. I want kobe steak to cook. I tried Sunrise mart, Balducchi's and dean deluca. Manhattan has some of the best places to shop and eat and there isn't one place that has kobe steak to buy. Tragic I type you, just tragic.

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          It must be ordered ahead of time from most local butcher shops. Schatzie's Prime Meats on the UES at 1200 Madison (between 86th and 87th) can get it for you. Call 212-410-1555. There are one or two beef suppliers in North American that produce it under license from Japan.

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            Do you know any other suppliers?

            1. re: Kosmonaut

              Not that I know of. It's a small market. The "Kobe beef" produced under license in the US is called Wagyu - after the breed of cattle that I think the Japanese developed from imported cattle from Scotland. I think most any butcher in NYC can order it for you - although you will pay much more ordering through Lobel's.

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            I wonder if Lobel's on the upper east side would order it for you? They specifically state on their website that they carry Wagyu, not Kobe, but Lobel's is sort of the big daddy of (hi-end) butchers in NYC.

            1. re: I grok

              Hi grok,

              Do you want kobe beef from Japan or are you ok with wagyu beef from America? If the latter is ok, then Lobel should have it (or order from D'Artagnan online). If you want the steak from Japan, the only place I have seen was at Mitsuwa. Their steak was cut in more of a Japanese style. So it is a lot thinner (about 1/2 inch), which makes sense as the beef is so rich. The marbling was stunningly beautiful. Here is a picture of the kobe steak that I bought from Mitsuwa awhile back. I think it was about $95.

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                Thank you soooo much!! Lobel is the place and so is Schatzie's Prime Meats for the real deal. Wagyu beef from America is fabulous! I ordered the real deal from Schatzie's, I'm picking it up next week. Looking forward to it.

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