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Apr 24, 2001 01:18 PM

Cuban near 405 and 710 or Long Beach?

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Does anyone know of a Cuban place in the vicinity of the 405 and the 710 or in Long Beach?

I am having serious Cuban cravings.

Thanks in advance!

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    Adrian Hopkins

    I don't know if this quite close enough, but I would recommend 'El Rincon Criollo' in Culver City, right off the 405. It's not quite as fancy as El Floridita, and Havana on Sunset, but it holds up to it's own with IMHO the best sweet plantains, fried garlic chicken, and shredded roast pork. Their own special bread, and their chicken soup arn't bad either.

    Perhaps I'm wrong, but I consider Rincon Criollo's menu very similar to the Versailles chain (which I don't care for), but the ingredients and refinement of their cooking are far superior! They seemed to have perfected the Cuban lemon-garlic sauce. In addition, Rincon Criollo is also slightly cheaper than Versailles, without the long wait. Supposedly, they even have better deals on lunch during the weekdays, I just don't go there that often because I hate dealing with the 405 traffic.

    Check it out when you have the chance! When you also have the time, I'd also recommend you to check out 'El Floridita' and 'Havana on Sunset', in Hollywood. There's also 'El Colmao' in downtown LA (not my cup of tea), Porto's bakery in Glendale for nice Cuban & Garlic Roast pork sandwiches in Glendale, as well as 'La Cubana' restaurant in Pasedena (haven't tried that yet)

    Hope this helps!

    El Rincon Criollo
    4361 Sepulveda Blvd,
    Culver City