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Jan 6, 2008 03:56 PM

New Greek in Stamford???

The building next to Dragonfly on Summer Street has a sign in front saying "Eos, Greek Cuisine, Opening Soon". Anyone know anything? A quality Greek restaurant in the area would be most welcome.

Oddly, it's already listed here, but it looks like they are still in the middle of construction.

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  1. I don't but very excited, we need a good authentic greek restaurant not a diner here in Stamford. I hope they deliver too!

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    1. re: nbermas

      Does anyone know anything about the Greek place across from the Shop Rite in Stamford (right across the Greenwich border)? Can't recall the name.

      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

        The best tzatchi (wrong spelling) cucumber sauce around, pizza good.

        1. re: nbermas

          i love john's pizza on strawberry hill near dunkin donuts
          looks like they are closed for remodeling but their gyros and tatziki sauce are best, imho

        2. re: Dim Sum Diva

          is that the athens pizza place? I've never been there, though it's been there longer than I think I've been in Stamford.

          mbermas - how does it compare to some of the other greek pizza places, like hope or post rd pizza in Darien

          1. re: adamclyde

            adamclyde: I am sorry it is to say that I love Italian pizza better but if Greek pizza is what Athens is it is good. I love Sal's Pizza in Westchester and I just tried Belltown for the first time and it was great.

            1. re: nbermas

              I'm with you. I never really had greek pizza until I moved to Stamford. Good, but if given a choice, I'll stick with the regular NY style.

              I still need to try belltown... I tried Remo's the other day. It was pretty good. Definitely above average. But not as good as it should be, given they have a real brick oven there.

          2. re: Dim Sum Diva

            Athen's is very good pizza. I would place it right behind Hope pizza for Greek in Stamford.

        3. cteats: Did the new Greek restaurant open yet? If so have you tried it yet?

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          1. re: nbermas

            Not yet and it may be a bit of time...word is they are going slow, but that it will be a Greek restaurant not a diner

            1. re: EmileJ

              High end Greek? The whole grilled seafood, metzi's (sp?), little plates of good olives, that kind of Greek? That would be a great addition!

          2. Did this Greek place ever open, if so di you try it? How was it.

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            1. re: nbermas

              FWIW, the number listed on the original Stamford downtown dining link is non-working.

              1. re: nbermas

                No, it hasn't opened, but I peeked through the paper a few weeks ago and they were installing fixtures.

              2. It is definitely open now - my husband and I stopped by for lunch today. I asked the manager, and he said it's been 3 weeks.

                Overall concept and menu seems good, but we experienced some unevenness in the cooking.

                We started with the spicy feta spread (don't recall the greek word for it). It wasn't as spicy as we were thinking it would be, but it was absolutely delicious and served with toasted pita bread. I was very intrigued by their entire appetizer section and would like to try more, however since it was only lunch we just stuck with one.

                I had the lamb souvlaki with a side of braised green beans in a light tomato sauce. I really wanted to like my souvlaki more - the tzatziki sauce was delicious, pita was good, tomatoes were incredible (I wanted to ask where they found such perfect tomatoes!), but the lamb was just very unevenly cooked. Some chunks were almost raw, while others were well-done and chewy. While I do enjoy my lamb on the rare side, it was the unevenness that bothered me. The green beans were delicious. My husband requested that I make all green beans like that from now on :-)

                Husband had the lamb gyro with a side of seasoned french fries. His gyro was very good - best we've had the area (though we are admittedly not gyro experts). The seasonings on the fries was tasty, however they were also undercooked. We did see a plate of fries go to another table that looked like they were perfectly cooked, so maybe we just got a bad batch.

                Overall, we were happy with our meal and are planning to go back for dinner. Since they've only been open a few weeks, I'm going to cut them some slack on the unevenness of the cooking - the flavor profiles were good enough to make me optimistic that if executed well it would be superb. Menu had a lot of interesting items on it, and we kept eyeing other tables to see what dishes they were getting. Something different for Stamford and I hope it will do well.

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                1. re: gillyweed

                  Had early dinner outside, very pleasant experience. Good crowd on a Tuesday evening, live jazz drifting across from the Dragonfly (also packed outside), Summer Street lively with a great diversity of ethnicities and nationalities. Very cosmpolitan feel. (Stamford may be the most diverse town in Ct.and its cuisine reflects this. Which is why this new "nice" Greek fills a real gap)

                  Grazed through three small plates (mezethes): the spinach pie (spanakopita) which was perfect, the phyllo light and flaky and the feta cheese luscious ... moussakka, fresh and flavorful ... and some small meatballs served with a side of homemade tzatziki. The meatballs were undercooked, but since I like meat rare I didn't return them. The combo of meat and tzatziki was tzasty.

                  This was quite filling so didn't order any entres, but the table next to mine were raving about the lamb chops.

                  Eos is not High End. Just very nice. Inside, the look is clean Mediterranean.

                  Only complaint, the chairs and tables outside feel flimsy.

                  Understand it is locally owned.

                  A great addition to downtown cuisine. And far far away in mood and setting from those fake chains at the Mall.