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Jan 6, 2008 03:37 PM

South Florida Lobster Bisque

I had it today at Boston's and it was sinful. It's also great at The Whale's Rib. Anywhere else?

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  1. I love love love The Whale's bisque!

    1. Creamy Maine Lobster bisque with Corn Flan and Tarragon
      Pascal's on Ponce
      Coral Gables

      1. A&B Lobster House in Key West. It takes days to make.

        1. Capital Grille has the best lobster bisque Ive ever had, period. Always 3.5oz of lobster meat in it. Cant be beat.

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          1. re: Blind Mind

            Gonna have to try that.

            I have the same feeling about P112's in sobe it you have about Capital Grille.

          2. I love the Lobster Bisque at Carole's Kitchen in Boca Raton. They always have 6 to 8 soups on the menu. Lunch during off season, Lunch/Dinner during Season. St. Andrews Blvd South of Glades Rd, SW out parcel of Town Center mall. In well over 50 meals, I've never been disappointed by the food quality at Carole's.