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Jan 6, 2008 03:23 PM

Chef's Counter in Palm Springs/Desert Area?

Does anyone know of any restaurant(s) in the Palm Springs area that feature a Chef's Counter (not a Chef's Table). Last month we arrived at One Market in San Francisco without a reservation. The only place they could seat us was at their Chef's Counter (a place usually left open for walk-ins). We enjoyed the experience (and the food!) so much we booked a couple of spots on the Counter before we left home for Aberta. We could love if there coube a similar experience in P.S.
Also, are there any restaurants in the P.S. area that allow you to bring you own wine and only charge a token corkage fee (somewhere south of $20).

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  1. Zin American Bistro has what you call a "chef's counter", they call it "communal table"
    It's bar height with bar stools and seats up to 8 guests.

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    1. re: Joe Colombo

      Does it? I think the OP is referring to a counter where you can sit and watch the line cooks in action. When I was at Zin I sat at a regular table, not the communal table, but I definitely don't recall any sort of open kitchen nearby. I don't think it is communal dining OP is looking is a view to the kitchen...

      Here is a thread from SF about places to eat overlooking the kitchen, which includes a reference to the Chef's Counter at One Market:

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        You are right, there is no open kitchen at Zin, however, Johannes has an open kitchen with seats at the bar. Also very good food.

    2. Thanks for the posts. Johannes appears to have what we are looking for. We will be sure to give it a try.

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        When I dined at Johannes I ate outside (much more pleasant when I was there than this time of year, I imagine) so I didn't realize that the bar faced an open kitchen. Since it does fit your request, absolutely you should try it; my dinner there was great!