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Jan 6, 2008 02:55 PM

Where to find fish stock?

And, please, don't just say 'Chinatown' . :-( I went on Spadina today and check out two grocery stores - both north of Dundas. One on the west side, where you go downstairs (something with 'Orient'?) and the other one on the east side, with the big red sign. I could not find any fish stock. Maybe I did not know where to look. Unfortunately, the help wasn't too helpful because of the language barrier. I found the chicken broth cans, though. :-)
So it would be great if you could give me an idea of a brand (ideally, without preservatives; I don't suppose there is an organic version, is there?) or a certain store that carries the product.


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  1. I buy frozen fish stock produced by a company called Soup's On. No salt, no preservatives. I've purchased it at Bruno's, Summerhill Market and the Valu-Mart in the Beach. I'm sure it's widely available. You can find locations on their website -

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      It is hard to keep, so frozen is the usual store option.
      But it is very easy to make, and any standard book like Joy of Cooking, or Peterson will guide you. The ingredients are cheap, and they will come together in .5 hr simmering. Making your own is probably th only way to get organic fish stock.
      Canned clam juice is another option, but not as good.

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        Yeah, homemade is always better but I don't see myself dealing with those fish heads. :-)

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        Thanks, JamieK. I came across fish stock mostly in Asian recipes so I thought it's sold at Asian groceries. I am glad to see that the regular grocery stores carry it.

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          Where do you find clam juice?

        2. Try the fish sellers in St. L. Mrkt.

          1. Not certain if the have fish stock, but St James Steak and Chop (W. side of Parliament s of Wellesley), has a number of frozen stocks available. Worth checking out.

            1. Pusateri's uptown location carries it in their freezer section, where they keep the frozen pasta. Not sure about the Yorkville location, I never go in there. They also have frozen chicken and veal stock in there.

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                Pisces at Yonge and Summerhill carries it also.

              2. Bottled clam juice is widely available at most Loblaws. You can also use granualated "instant" dashi sold at Korean/Japanese shops like PAT. BTW, what's it going into?