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Apr 23, 2001 05:15 PM

Star Bakery's heavenly sweet piroshki

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A Persian bakery that sells piroshki--odd, I thought. But when the salesclerk told me that these lovely glistening buns were filled with custard, I propmptly bought two. What a divine breakfast! Soft and light fried bread contains a generous filling of delicious custard. They cost $1.25 each and are kept on the right end of the counter.

Star Bakery is located in a small mall on the southeast corner of Barry and Santa Monica Boulevard. The other offerings appeared utterly uninteresting, but please prove me wrong.

11628 Santa Monica Boulevard, number 6
Los Angeles
(310) 207-0025

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  1. No you are not wrong, most of the items are definitely uninteresting. I went there a couple weeks ago expecting to find some exotic Persian baked goods, unfortunately, all I found were items that you could find in any ordinary mainstream American bakery (except they were more expensive). But as bad as that was, it didn't even compare to the poor service that I received. I don't know if everyone who works there is bad, but the women who served me that evening was very rude. I will still take your advice and try that pastry item, I just hope this time I get better service.

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    1. re: Leonard

      At nine-thirty Sunday morning the woman who waited on me was chatty and friendly--in spite of my having failed to greet her with a "Salaam." May your custard piroshki be warm and satisfying.

      1. re: Samo

        I have been there several times since, and I must say that I had very pleasant experiences. I have no idea why I received bad service the first time I went there. The piroshki was delicious, and for $1.25 it's a real bargain.