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Jan 6, 2008 02:14 PM

Where to find yeast?

Where can I find fresh yeast cakes in Montreal, preferably in the plateau or downtown area?

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  1. I don't know about yeast "cakes", but you can buy fresh yeast in the NDG area at either Molisana bakery, on Somerled one block West of Cavendish or at Bucharest (although I don't know if they have year round) on Decarie, between Snowdon and Cote st Luc.

    I'm sorry though, I have no idea where to get it in your neck of the woods.

    1. You can also find fresh yeast in St-Henri at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut on St-Ambroise. That's not too far from downtown.

      1. I saw someone buying fresh yeast at a Portuguese bakery in the Plateau (not sure which, it was some time ago, but maybe they all sell it).

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          Milano's on St-Laurent. Granted, it's not Plateau/Downtown per se, but the 55 bus stops right in front of it. It's in the cooler across from the cheese counter, about $2 per block. I love the stuff, and it's worked into the flour perfectly, no need to start it in water, no need to add sugar.
          Otherwise, I remember looking for it, and finding a bakery on Mont-Royal, across from le Cinquième Péché, where they told me they had it but, like every other bakery, "they were out at the moment."
          Therefore, save yourself the hassle and go to Milano's.
          Caveat: fresh yeast will turn within two weeks, so if you don't use it all within that time, you're left with a dark mess. But, at less than $2/block, you won't find yourself in the poorhouse.

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            That's perfect! Thank you so much for your response.

        2. I bought some at Frenco once, though I don't know if they carry it on a regular basis.(3985 St.Laurent, near Duluth.)

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            I checked there somewhat recently and they only had dry active yeast... I'll check again though!

          2. I have used fresh brewer's yeast for years to make bread and buy it in 500g ($5.00)blocks from Swiss Vienna Deli and Pastries in Pointe Claire. I divide the block in to 100g pieces, wrap in plastic wrap and freezer paper then freeze. This way I can keep the yeast without problem for a year. If I don't use a whole 100g piece, I cut off what I need and simply return the unused portion to the freezer. I disperse the frozen yeast in 50 mL water before adding to my dough mix.