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Jan 6, 2008 02:07 PM

A Clean Well Lit Place... to study

I would like to find a nice cafe to study in. I work at the bourgeois pig on occasion, but would like to find a new space. Any ideas?

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  1. I would highly recommend the Argo Tea chain all over Chicago. It's a departure from Starbucks and has great drinks. The one on Rush is very popular with similarly minded Depaul students.

    1. I suggest that you avoid Argo Tea unless you want to purchase something. I frequent the Rush street location near Pearson and it is usually crowded and a little noisy on occasion. Furthermore the wifi is not free and requires a purchase to receive the access card. You are granted two hours of access with purchase.

      Given the fact that studying is your primary goal, I'd suggest you venture one block north to ING Direct Cafe. It is large, spacious, has free wifi, coffee/snacks if you desire, and is rarely crowded. Computers are provided at each station, giving you the option to leave yours at home if desired.

      21 E Chestnut
      Chicago, IL 60611
      (312) 981-1236

      1. It sounds like you're in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, but I studied for the bar exam at Letizia's Natural Bakery on Division. In addition to having excellent sweet treats, it is quiet enough to study in, but still has enough movement when you want to take a break and people watch.

        1. You should try the Community Center on Halstead connected to the Whole Foods; it is well lit, free wireless. I do not know how quiet it maybe. The ING cafe seems like it would be a good place also.

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            ING is nice. I am right down the street from it. They are very low key in there and I've never seen the place crowded. I suppose the competition of Argo, Starbucks, and Seattle's Best have captured most people's attention. This is precisely why the OP might enjoy it.