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Jan 6, 2008 01:56 PM

NC San Diego Rehearsal Dinner Locations?

Looking for any good recommendations for rehearsal dinner locations for this upcoming summer. The wedding is going to be at The Crossings in Carlsbad (off of Palomar Airport), so it would be preferable if the restaurant is somewhere nearby.

Ideally, we would like to spend no more than $35/head and don't want to have it at any of the numerous surrounding resorts or chain restaurants. Being that this is a family affair and my parents are not "foodies", it would be best to avoid any Asian cuisine (boring, I know). Help . . .

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  1. I don't know if you consider King's Fish House a chain, but their food is pretty decent at their price point and it's off Palomar Airport Road. I have no idea if they have private rooms.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. We did consider King's as well, primarily because of it's location. One of the top on the list is Stone Brew because of the outdoor gardens . . . but we just can't get over the food & service. We have been there multiple times and every experience is the same, bad food & bad service. I just keep hoping that one day it will change, thus, I continue to go back, but no luck yet.

      The other restaurants we are also considering is Bistro West, Grigorios & Hacienda de Vega. Each have positive and negatives, just hoping to still find that perfect one.

    2. What about Belle Fleur which is at the North end of the Premium Outlets? I've had 2 or 3 very good lunches there (never tried dinner). There is a Karl Strauss brewery location on a road off the north side of Palomar Airport road (opposite Costco entrance).

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        I had a dinner a couple of years ago at Bellefleur in the cask room. Very nice ambience and the quality was up there. However I was not paying so I dont know the cost. Hacienda is also a beautiful place, but they can also have some service issues, also the food is not your standard Mexican fare, so some people may be turned off. I would agree with Stone Brewery, That place need a good restaurant manager in a hurry, and I would not want to risk a terrible rehersal dinner. I think Karl Strauss is a bit to corporate and the food is ok, the food at the sorrento mesa location is better, but the place is so noisey, however the do have an outside patio which may be lots less noisey. My s.o. has had several good breakfasts at the crossings so you are safe there. Good luck.

      2. how about 'when in rome' in encinitas?

        they have a nice private room and also a cute patio!