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Jan 6, 2008 01:46 PM

Freezing leftover gravy?

Has anyone had any success with freezing flour-slurry-thickened gravy? It's chicken gravy and it turned out really well but I made too much. I'd love to freeze it to save it for a quick chicken dinner when I don't have roast chicken for drippings, even if I have to rethicken it.

Will it work? Any suggestions? Would the success change for roux-thickened gravy?


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  1. It will freeze, obviously, but it may not be as wonderful in texture when you thaw it. The thickener may separate a little, but bring it to a rolling boil and whisk it, and it should be ok!
    Good luck!!!

    1. Left over gravy freezes well and should be fine in a airtight container for a few month.

      1. sorry, can't answer your question but I always freeze leftover gravy and then add to chicken/turkey soup when I decide to make if yours doesn't thaw well you could just add it to the soup...