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Jan 6, 2008 01:43 PM

Do you Pre Rinse dishes for your Dish Washer? [Moved from Not About Food board]

I'm less concerned about the plates coming out clean than I am about what happens to all the food and grime that gets washed off of the plates. Right now I pass the dishes under the faucet for quick rinse to get any big food residue off then when I'm done I turn on the garbage disposal. I worry that if I don't pre rinse that all that debris will clog something up in the dishwasher or the pipes. What is your experience?

If it matters, I have a GE Triton Dishwasher that was here when I bought the house and don't have an owner's manual for it.

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  1. I brush off the food bits, but I don't pre-rinse the dishes. Then again, I usually wash dishes by hand (use the dishwasher maybe 20% of the time). I just figure that if I'm going to pre-rinse, I might as well wash by hand. The dishwasher is supposed to make it easier for me, but pre-rinsing precludes that!

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      1. Rick, all I did was Google "GE Triton dishwasher manual" and learned the following: to order a manual for your machine - or get your questions answered - call 1.800.626.2005. The GE hotline will need your model number.

        1. Of course I toss out any big chunks, but I dont rinse anything. If the dog doesn't manage to lick the plate clean, my dishwasher is linked straight to my disposal so everything gets disposed of regardless of the size. I am a "take a drink of water, cup goes in the dishwasher girl", freakishly hot water, powerballs and anytime there is any rubbermaid going in that may stain or be greasy it gets a hit of 409. Kitchen scissors I use for poultry/meat/whatnot are rinsed in boiling water and then hit with the clorox clean up before they hit the silverware basket.

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            With your kitchen scissors regimine you have officially surpassed me as one-who-worries-about-food-related germs. I am humbled! Actual boiling water? Wow. (And I mean that in the "oh I can totally relate, mabye I should be doing that" kind of way.)

          2. There is no extra effort in pre-rinsing since jfood is placing the stuff from the plates down the disposal. So yes, jfood does pre-rince. When jfood's dishes come out of the DW they are very clean and that's the way he likes it.

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              jfood, I'm with you on this one. I always pre-rinse my dishes before I put them in the DW and I don't put pots or pans in the DW. I don't consider it extra work. I pre-rinse for two reasons, one is that I think it's GROSS to put dishes caked with food into the DW, whether I'm washing them the same day or not. The other reason I pre-rinse is that it's just my husband and I and it can take me 3-4 days to fill up the DW. I don't know what happens to DW's that get clogged with food, it can't be good for them. I also use the Jet Dry DW cleaner every three or so months.

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                Mr OCAnn bought me a DishDrawer for Christmas, so I run the DW daily (or every other day now). I don't pre-rinse by hand; however, I'll use the DW's pre-rinse cycle if there's a chance that something might get caked on before I run the DW the following day.

                The DishDrawer (which I absolutely love!) has a strainer for big food chunks...I clean this out once/wk.

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                  Would you mind telling me which DW you bought?