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Jan 6, 2008 01:35 PM

Who has bought a new dishwasher lately?

What brand did you get and why? I know I won't be going back to a GE and Fisher Paykel has a bad track record on repairs. I'm looking at Dacors....any info from any one?

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  1. I've had a fischer Paykel for about a year and so far so good. I love the convenience of the two drawers

    1. I'm about to buy one myself, have been looking at KitchenAid, would love to hear reports, too...

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        I recently installed a Kitchenaid KUDS03ST, so far it works great. I believe they're made by Whirlpool. I looked at Bosch too, they're great but the hidden heating element robs some interior space from the dishwasher, so you can't load it with as many dishes as a standard DW with an exposed heating element in the bottom of the interior. Of course, with the Bosch, you don't have to worry about plastic things falling onto the heating element and melting.

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          Great, thanks for the feedback! That's the one I'd had my eye on, but I have been going back and forth between that one and Bosch. I heard Bosch can be harder for parts...

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            We like our Bosch, haven't had it long enough to need parts though. Very widely sold here now, though, so I suspect not as big a deal as it used to be. The Bosch dishwashers at least (only thing I'm very familiar with) are assembled in the US for the US market and are sold in typical home stores like Lowe's in addition to independent dealers.

            My favorite feature compared to all other dishwashers I've had/used in the past is the flow-through heating element so there is no exposed plastic-melting bit in the bottom. Nice to be able to put some Rubbermaid stuff or whatever in the bottom rack if necessary. Also nice and quiet, but many makes can achieve that these days.

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              After being so sure I was going w/KitchenAid we ended up buying a Bosch from an independent dealer. The stainless tub (just like KA) and the energy efficiency were what sold it. I know that drying and storage space on the Bosch are a little atypical vs. other models, but I'm hoping we made the right decision. I'll report back after a few months' use.

              1. re: hollerhither

                Hope it works out for you. Just make sure you fill up the rinse agent (more important with the Bosch for a decent shot at drying; it has an idiot light to tell you when to add more). It's a tough thing, picking out a big permanent appliance. I cringe seeing all the folks who report their bad experiences, often even after choosing very carefully. It's difficult to find something that's not a tradeoff in one way or another, and sometimes we think we can live with something and that turns out not to be the case. Good luck.

      2. Our Miele - Optima Series - is just a little more than a year old. We have had no repairs, and we really like the features:
        top drawer for flatware
        adjustable racks
        digital time readout
        superior drying
        24 hour delay time start
        baskets have removable inserts
        6 wash programs
        stainless interior
        and more!

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          Our Miele is about seven years old now and still plugging away. It's great. The cultery rack is super! It heats its own water (a green friendly feature). I wish I had gotten the crystal and china cycle, though. And the 24 hour delay time start on the new Optima would be super. Undoubtedly, should I need to replace this dishwasher after its 20 year life cycle, it will be a Miele. Should I buy a new home, there will soon be a Miele there if it's not there already.

        2. I bought a Miele Optima about 10 months ago, and I love it. No repairs yet (fingers crossed), but it's still pretty new.

          It's my first dishwasher, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it's quiet, efficient, and easy to operate. Yeah, it's expensive, but I figure I saved a ton of money by not having a dishwasher for 20+ years.

          I chose Miele because I wanted a super-quiet dishwasher that was well designed and well made. I considered Bosch and Asko, too, but really liked the extras that Miele has. In particular, I love the top silverware rack. I also like the "configurability" of the two main baskets and their racks. All in all, a nice dishwasher.


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            Checking in to say that I still love my Miele Optima. No repairs yet, but it's only 4 years old. It seems a touch noisier than when it was first installed, but it's under an open-sided counter, so I suspect that it's just an echo from the walls. And it's still very quiet - no problem talking on the phone or watching a quiet TV program when it's on.

            My only gripe is that the bottom rack isn't configurable, and most of the "spikes" are designed for dinner plates only. We use lots of cereal bowls, measuring cups, pans, baking dishes, and other bowl-like items, and it's hard to fit them all in. It's hard to avoid wasted space in the bottom rack, so we end up hand-washing many of these items. But otherwise, it's a great dishwasher!


          2. We just built a new house and moved in in October, and for our dishwasher we picked a Miele. We absolutely love it. My favorite part, I think, is the extra tray at the top for silver ware. It gets things so clean and shiny and there is never any spots or anything remaining. It also makes it very easy to unload. Also, it's super quiet and very versatile in that you can reconfigure the bottom parts for different sizes of dishes and pots.

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              baloo -- I am commenting on your "It makes it very easy to unload."
              The upper flatware drawer took just a little getting used to, but now we LOVE it! We find that if we are fastidious in loading (placing like items together), it takes a little more time but the unloading is instant and mindless! I just grab all the teaspoons and toss them in their appropriate slot in the drawer, then I grab all the dinner forks, etc.

              1. re: liu

                Hi! You KNOW what I'm going to say! Miele, miele miele! I'm on my 2nd one (the first lasted over 20 years, maybe 2 service issues in that time, both quickly & efficiently resolved) & would never get anything else. And don't even get me started on how much I love my Miele oven &