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Jan 6, 2008 01:32 PM

Royal York Hotel Restaurants

Hello. I was given a $100 gift certificate for the Royal York Hotel for some reason at xmas. Seeing as how I live here, I thought it might be a better idea to spend it on a meal at one of the restaurants there. I have never dined in any of the restaurants. The only one's I am aware of are Benihana and Epic. Has anyone been to either one, or can recommend any other places I may not be aware of? My gf and I are into sushi, but probably not into that teppinyaki idea. Can you just dine on sushi at Benihana? Any feedback would be great.


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  1. I went to EPIC for the Easter Brunch last year. It was buffet so I can not speak for the a la carte menu, which is usually better. First of all, the hostess and the servers were very nice and helpful. The coffee, juices and water kept pouring and whenever we came back from the food stations, we found the table clean, the dirty dishes removed. I mean, exactly the service you would expect from an establishment like this, even on a busy day.
    There was a nice selection of breads and pastries and very fresh. The dessert table was awesome! This was actually the reason we chose this place, based on some inside recommendations. :-) Their pastry chef(s?) does a great job.
    As for the food, it was good, but nothing memorable, in my opinion. It was fresh, however, nothing stood out.
    Hopefully, someone else will post a more recent review for their a la carte menu.

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      you stole the words straight out of my mouth, include the easter brunch part lol.

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        As of the summer of 2007, EPIC is no longer doing a Sunday Brunch. They still serve a Sunday breakfast menu, but no brunch.

      2. I would blow the gift certificate at the bar!

        The Library Bar at the Royal York is one of my favourite hotel bars in the city. It's dark and plush and has that great old-world feel. For $100 you and the girlfriend could have a few very nice cocktails (the "Fairmont 75" is fantastic, and they do a very good Old Fashioned), and some great snacks (the shrimp cocktail is good - and we've had a good chocolate cake too).

        I'd avoid Benihana. I don't know much about Epic, but I imagine you'd have to top up the cheque for dinner there, which may or may not be worth it.

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          you raise a very good point rabbit. yeah, i don't really wanna top up the bill much more than what it's worth. i think i am leaning towards the library bar as well.

          1. re: rafer madness

            I've had a selection of samples from Epic's menu at an event there, and all were really good. Prices tend to be on the high side though, so if you're not into topping up the GC for a full meal, the bar might be your best bet. Or take a couple of friends for afternoon tea. Mind you, Epic is participating in Winterlicious, so that $100 might cover a meal for two.

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            I second the Library Bar! One of our favourites!!!!

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              Oooh, Library Bar martinis. Careful though, my night often goes sideways after just two.