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Jan 6, 2008 01:06 PM

Las Vegas tasting menus

My wife and I will be visiting LV in about a week and I am putting together the foodie intinerary. I have picked two dinners, being Bouchon and Rosemary's, but neither has a tasting menu.

We would really like to do at least one good tasting menu with wine pairings while we are there - something in the range of $150 - $200 per person. I see that B&B has an entry that seems to fit the bill, but I would like to consider the range of options. Food is by far the priority, with the wine and room being second and a distant third respectively. We are staying at the Luxor and then the MGM Grand, but are willing to travel.


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  1. Rosemary's actually does have a multi-course tasting menu, but it's not on the online menu. I've never done it and probably never will, since their food is generally very rich and I can barely handle the 3-course. I think the tasting may encompass smaller portions of their signature dishes, but call the restaurant if you're interested.

    I've done the 5-course menu at Fleur de Lys with wine pairings. Not sure if you would consider this a tasting menu per se.

    Some folks here would recommend L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at MGM for your tasting menu needs.

    Also consider Alex at the Wynn.

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      I had the tasting menu at Rosemary's this past May, and it was fantastic. I was just there a few weeks ago and the courses have changed, but I would bet that it's still amazing. It is, however, very rich. I could barely make it through the steak course, let alone dessert. They were kind enough to box it up, as well as the complimentary truffle type desserts they give at the end of the meal, and I was able to enjoy them the next day when I wasn't overly stuffed. My server told me that he's never seen anyone make it through the whole tasting menu while finishing each course fully. If you're an expert at tasting menus, however, you could probably find a way to pace yourself, because the tasting menu at Rosemary's is truly a delight!

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        tasting menu at l'atelier is indeed excellent but there is no wine pairing option. you can order by the glass from 2 dozen selection of bubblies, whites, reds, dessert wines.

        picasso degustation is wonderful, great value considering the quality of food you're getting. however, to me it's a few courses short of a full tasting.

        nobu omakase, with some beer and sake to pair.

        alex is pricey, $200+.

      2. I second the rec for the tasting menu at Alex. A meal there is an event to be remembered.

        I also recommend the tasting menu at Aureole. They have a great wine program there and it is reflected by the well-thought out pairings with the tasting menu.

        I have been to Fleur de Lys twice now. The first time the food and service were stellor. The second time it was less than memorable. I would go next door to Aureole instead.

        L'Atelier had a fantastic tasting menu. I'm just not a fan of the "sushi-bar" type setup of the place. I know a lot of people love that aspect. I prefer my own table.

        Picasso is always a strong choice and has a nice tasting menu. At that price level though, I prefer Alex.

        Still hoping to try JR at the Mansion and Guy Savoy.

        Have fun!

        1. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon would be my first choice for a tasting menu, unless you have a problem with the "sushi bar" / studio type layout (given that room is your third priority, I'd guess not). The tasting menu is $135 excl. drinks. We've now done it 3 times and it's been great every time. Bonus (for you) for being in the MGM Grand.

          Here are reports on visits #2 and 3 ->

          If you're considering B&B (and I am a fan), I would do it in the traditional Italian style - antipasti, pasta and secondi (meats) rather than a tasting menu. They do both a "pasta tasting menu" (seems like way too much pasta to me) and a regular tasting menu, but I'd go traditional here. Pasta courses are small enough that this is not a ton of food to eat, or you can choose to split an item somewhere along the way.

          Rosemary's does a "prix fixe" deal w/ any 3 courses for a fixed (and very reasonable) price. Their food is pretty heavy and this is the way I'd go there rather than a tasting menu.

          1. My husband and I both enjoyed the tasting menu and wine pairings at Picasso. Their desserts weren't the best we'd had, but everything else was excellent. It converted both of us into devout foie fans.

            Plus, after your meal, you can linger outside and enjoy a great view of the Bellagio fountains.