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Apr 22, 2001 07:34 PM

Sushi Sasabune

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i can't quite get a grip on this place...its a total dump, yet having only been there three times, i have certain cravings for some of the food - the hand crab roll and salmon sushi. its expensive (sat at bar on thursday - for one person with a beer $65, and i didn't order anything additional sushi), and sometimes the fish is so cold, especially contrasted with the warm/hot rice, that i can't taste it. it sorta reminds me of sushi nozawa (i can't really recall - its been 8 years since i've eaten there).

any comments???


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  1. I like Sasabune quite a lot, but agree there are some real problems. The albacore sashimi they inevitably serve to start is often mushy, and omakase at the bar is always the same-- which makes me think it's just a set menu rather than one determined by what's best on a given day.

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      Are you people high? On crack, perhaps?

      Nay. Nay, I say. Sasabune is one of the best Sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. Unlike non-traditional sushi restaurants, Sasabune serves it up the way it should be served. The fish cold (or at room temp), the rice well seasoned at body temperature. I suppose if the chef had a fever, this could be a bit too high, but when done right, and with the quality of fish they's a rare treat. Expensive? Okay, I cannot argue there. Worth it? Unquestionably.