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Jan 6, 2008 01:00 PM

Chinese cuisine meetup group in NYC?


Is there such a thing? I googled and found nothing, surprisingly. I've been faithfully reading some regulars' invaluable opinions on this board and love to try some of the places recommended but with a group of like-minded foodies who're really into Chinese food, especially Cantonese. (I live in Queens but grew up in Chinatown; can speak and read Chinese.) Maybe I can start up a group who meets once a month? All suggestions and opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Are you familiar with If you don't find a group that you're looking for, you can try starting one up.

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    1. re: Little Neck Clam

      Meetup is a good idea. After perusing the site it seems that there's no Chinese cuisine group. But you can start one up. There's the Spicy Food Dining Group that sounds so tempting -- but I'm trying to eat blander.

    2. I'm not sure if such a group exists, but if you pull one together, count me in!

      1. If you do start one, let me know, please. I'd be interested. Thanks

        1. Thanks for all your responses. I am considering starting this meetup. Stay tuned, all ye hungry people!

          1. I'm a Cantonese food whore. Don't let anyone tell you that we have no cheese or milk dishes....I'm in for meetup. Would be great if people knew how to cook some dishes not found in NY.