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Jan 6, 2008 12:29 PM

Johnny Banana version 2

There was another thread regarding the new Johnny Banana but it didn't come up in the search. We went last night before checking out a very crappy band at Bovine and wanted to report back.

My and partner and I were fans of the old Johnny Banana. We had one amazing meal there and one very good meal. So was a bit sad to hear of the change but glad they're still open. They made one of the best margarits in town.

The bad news the margaritas are history along with most of the menu. But the good news is super tasty burritos are there and was very happy with what we had last night. The menu is now down to burritos, quesadillas, and pork tacos. Prices are pretty much the same as Burrito Boys with a large burrito setting you back about $7.

I had a chiorzo and potato burrito with guac added for and extra .50. Got to choose level of spiciness and went with medium. Burrito was super tasty with large slab of quac in there. There was well seasoned mix of orange looking potatos and sausage, some rice and guac. Partner had a steak burrito with quac. He loved it and I had a bite, super tasty with juicy portions of steak that was well seasoned. We both felt that the spicy level could have been upped a bit so will go for the medium hot level next time.

Also a bottle of Steamwhistle was 3.50 which is also is a great deal. Anyway it was a cheap tasty meal and well return to sample the other stuff on the menu. They have a pork and pineapple taco offering on the menu that sounds interesting. Also still offering the chicken mole burrito which was just ok when I had it in the older version of JB.

We both decided based on the quality and the value that we'd go out of our way to get back there in the near future. Also it's do it yourself service from the counter now, so no creepy wait staff staring at you while you eat!

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  1. Agree - great value but not outstanding on tastes. Worthwhile choice in the hood.

    BTW - to find the other threads - search johny banana (one n)

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    1. re: deelicious

      Doh my bad on the extra N! I just saw the menu on the counter and realized my mistke! Funny thing is I did a search and two other threads came about the old JB that had the extra n!

    2. haha, what's up with the creepy staff staring at the customers back in the old days? i have never been there, but many times i have read about that disturbing trait. one staff guy in particular just hovers apparantly. uughh.

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      1. re: rafer madness

        yes!! its true. I have only been once but we were stared at the entire time.