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Jan 6, 2008 11:16 AM

Cafe Madrid, Chelmsford, MA

Now that they are open for dinner, my wife and I tried out Cafe Madrid friday evening. Overall we weren't too impressed, though I guess it shows potential. I had heard about their cuban sandwiches, so I was hoping for something along those lines, but the dinner menu was quite different. We decided to order a few of the various Tapas and share between the two of us.

The Gambas al Ajillo (Garlicky Shrimp with red pepper) were very bland. There were 5 small shrimp on the plate, for $10 I thought they could do better.

The Mussels Barcelona had a good sauce, but the mussels themselves were not of great quality and their texture was off. Maybe it was just a bad batch of mussels, but I think with good mussels this would be a good dish.

The Pork Loin al Cabrales (Roasted pork tenderloins with a Spanish Cabrales goat and blue cheese sauce with sliced mushrooms) was very good. Of the three tapas we ordered, this was the only one we really enjoyed. The sauce and cheese complimented the pork nicely.

Alcohol was very expensive. $7 for a bottle of beer that, while imported, can be bought from most liquor stores. My wife found a nice wine that she liked, so we went to Harrington's afterwards to look for it. The price of the bottle was less than the price for the glass at the restaurant.

I like the idea of more ethnic restaurants in Chelmsford (we don't need any more pizza/sub shops), but this just didn't do it for us. Friendly people, promising menu, but for the prices being charged, I expect better. The three tapas, a side of vegetables, a glass of wine and a beer came to $65 after tax and tip. I can spend less and get a better meal elsewhere.

And as friday is live entertainment night, they did have a couple performing. I have never heard Jimmy Buffet, the Beatles and assorted other artists being played on an accordian before, it was unique.


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  1. I went for lunch a few times, not impressed. The Cuban is nothing special, trust me. The prices are very high as stated and the portions are small. I loved the idea of this place and I was psyched to see it open, unfortunately the love stopped at the idea.

    1. AWFUL! Cuban food? Food looks like it was just thrown together. The taste is very bland. Why is it called Cafe Madrid? Madrid is in in Spain. I heard about the cafe coming to Chelmsford but I was let down. The service is pretty bad too, they seemed quite unexperienced. The entertainment was alright but for the prices I'm better off going over to Hong Kong next door or a sub shop and get myself a sandwich that is the same except without a fancy "cuban name" to make it seem Cuban/Spanish, again not sure what they're aiming at. Either way thought they didn't succeed. Don't let the name fool you, this is just another restaurant with nothing Cuban/Spanish about it.